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Thread: Custom E&E?

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    A slot pocket on the front panel, inside or out. Also a small accessible top pocket. Big enough for glasses or similar sized items.

    I used to attach pockets to the sides, but overtime it became cumbersome. Would rather have water bottle/slot pockets on the side.

    Also, common loops on the bottom. The purpose would be to use the pack as a compression panel....

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    Line the rear slot pocket with Velcro for use with a koala style holster. Then a kydex panel so that firearm doesn't dig into your back if wearing the pack. You will not be quick draw McGraw, but if you need your firearm, slide pack off and reach inside rear slot for firearm which is positioned to your liking with the koala holster. Or upon thinking about it, a kydex panel that has Velcro on one side. Smooth side against your back, koala holster attached to Velcro side.
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    Those are some great ideas folks...thank you for that...I will see how I can incorporate those into my new e&e...

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    I'd like to see an E&E that is slightly larger. Maybe an inch wider and an inch taller (10.5 x 15.5). In this way it could hold a laptop such as a Mac book pro 15 which has the following dimensions:

    Height: 0.71 inch (1.8 cm)
    Width: 14.13 inches (35.89 cm)
    Depth: 9.73 inches (24.71 cm)

    Right now a Mac book pro 15 will not fit.

    I also like the idea of water bottle/ slot pockets on the side.

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    Urban E&E? Less webbing, sleeker?

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    The G1 E&E was a 1/2 zip...really, more like a 1/3 zip.

    For mods, I'd suggest either MOLLE/PALS on the bottom, or at least loops for D&L or hooks, or through which a bungee cord could
    be looped. A couple on the top would be good, too.

    Adding a couple of Velcro strips inside the slot pocket to secure whatever is in there from riding up would be nice. I have a semi-flexible poly
    backpacking cutting board that I trimmed to fit as a stiffener in my E&E. Previous owner had cut the stock straps off & added X-Ray straps, &
    I fold the stubs into the pocket to keep the board in place. I don't like the "cut the straps off & add XRay straps mod"...makes it too easy to
    overload the pack. I sold/traded the XRay straps, & attached a set of MountainSmith Strappettes, instead. Better fit for the size pack, IMHO.

    I've had 2 G1s & my biggest complaint is not being able to lash something to the bottom or top (bottom, mostly).

    Make me one & I'll field test it for you! LOL


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