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Thread: Trying to become a real man...

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    Default Trying to become a real man...

    Long story short...
    I didn't have anyone to teach me how to hunt so I've been 15 years learning on my own and with the help of a few good friends who are also evolving...we're learning how to hunt hard. We pretty much only want to backpack hunt exclusively now.
    Being up on a mountain hunting and eating mountain house meals, cliff bars, laxatives and coffee for a few days is tough to beat!!
    Well here's the short part...the dude who helped get me into backpack hunting is always one step ahead of me, he went to kifaruville last season. I recently purchased a full duplex/MMR setup off'n the classifieds, thus taking yet another step to manhood...

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    Sounds like you're headed in the right direction =-) Welcome to the forum!

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