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Thread: Substitute KU belt?

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    Default Substitute KU belt?

    I have a KU 3700 with a medium (5200) belt. Two days into any trip, I seem to lose about two or three inches off my waist, and suddenly the belt is too small. I've added padding to the lumbar region, but it's still not tight enough. I end up carrying the full weight of the bag on my shoulders.

    So, I wanted to know if anyone has switched out the belt and replaced it, e.g., with a Bikini or other belt. I've posted a WTB ad, but in case that doesn't work--who, after all, has spare KU belts lying around?--I'm fishing for alternatives. Many thanks for any recommendations.

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    Default Re: Substitute KU belt?

    I was told the Bikini belt is the replacement when I called the shop a little while ago asking the same question. Will probably include it on my next purchase...

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    Default Re: Substitute KU belt?

    I have an extra belt that is made by Mountainsmith and it might fit. If you want me to send it to you I can, I don't have a KU pack anymore so it's just hanging out in my gear bin. Let me know and when I get home from my work trip I'll send it to you.

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    Default Re: Substitute KU belt?

    If the mountainsmith belt doesn't work out, you might try this...

    I have a bikini frame. The only difference between a bikini belt and the duplex frame belt that I have is that the shoulder straps on the regular duplex belt are 1" instead of 3/4". If you put a 1" repair buckle on the shoulder straps, you're good to go at least up to 65lbs or so and probably more (I haven't tried it with anything heavier). K-connectors would also work.

    From the pics I've seen, it looks like the ku packs had 3/4" delta straps. If that's true you could use a regular duplex belt and just add the 6 repair buckles (4 for deltas + 2 for shoulders). Or maybe 6 k-clips.

    If the ku pack has 1" delta buckles, all you'd need to rig would be the shoulder straps.

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