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Thread: XTL / Zulu mod

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    Default XTL / Zulu mod

    I don't know if this mod is obsolete as Zulu's are no longer in production, but this might help others who are having problems with the XTL slipping and sliding when the ruck's not full or the XTL's overloaded.

    I cannibalized the replacement side-release buckles that came with the MOLLE ruck / rifleman system and replaced the slide buckle that perhaps was better positioned for the Zulu's original lid (now too high to anchor the XTL), which I forewent to order separately after I ordered the XTL not foreseeing this issue nor reading about it in the forums.

    Albeit, I find myself using my Zulu without a lid as much as with one if I'm traveling light in a non-tactical setting. The cinch collar plus compression strap fastens as tight as a shark bite closure common on wallets or some courier bags and I've never had a problem with dirt or rain penetrating the main compartment.

    To lower the attachment point, I guided the excess strap thru the triangle accessory anchor, and refed it from whence it started to increase the friction.
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    To better show what I did, I unraveled the excess strap
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    Default Re: XTL / Zulu mod

    Many people have use surface mounted hardware to correct this issue as well:

    See the thread HERE
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    Default Re: XTL / Zulu mod

    I put surface mounts on my XTL-ZXR set up many many years ago.
    Just did some nostalgia searching and found some pics in this old thread I started way back:\
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