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Thread: EDC bags. The good, bad and must have???

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    Default EDC bags. The good, bad and must have???

    Quote Originally Posted by digemout View Post
    Love my Urban Zippy for EDC but I can fill it quickly with extra kid stuff added.

    I'd like to see a 2000-2500ci sized "Urban Xing" that drops all the exterior pals, adds a mesh pocket to the inside of the front panel, and Nalgene bottle pockets just like the UZ. Be sure to leave a d&l matrix on the front panel for an organizer or belt pouch and a bungee cord. You could even drop matrix tabs on the sides above the nalgene pockets for a mini belt pouch.
    Yes - urban Xing please with built-in water bottle pockets and perhaps a built in front pocket or organizer. Built-in stash-it or belt pouches on the belt.
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    Default Re: EDC bags. The good, bad and must have???

    I really liked the side water bottle pockets on the UZ, very handy, agree with making them a little taller to accommodate more stuff. Agree that the pack needs some sort of structure whether it be stays or a full rigid frame sheet, that is lacking in the Zippy/UZ.

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    Default Re: EDC bags. The good, bad and must have???

    A few quick ideas come to mind;

    1 .Perhaps an 'Urban' version of the X-ray and Xing (less pals, bottle pockets, etc).

    2. The ole' Marauder would be great for EDC if it were a little more narrow (6 rows wide instead of eight) and was 'Urbanized' also, with the bottle pockets and less pals on the panel and inside.

    3. The Zippy should get a frame-sheet, and maybe the ability to use an Omni-belt.

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    Default Re: EDC bags. The good, bad and must have???

    I love my tactical Zippy but I'd like it even more if it had a framesheet

    I also wish that the side pockets had a little bit more dimension to them as I really have to fight to get a canteen in mine so I just zip it up to the canteen collar anymore. Would like to add my cup as well but...

    The other thing that was mentioned that I'd really like to see would be 2 or 3 interior slot pockets like the ones in the Tailgunner. This would let me keep my HT & roll-up antenna or other cables seperated & organized a bit better when not in use.
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    Default Re: EDC bags. The good, bad and must have???

    I'd like 1000D. The UZ is great, I love the waterbottle pockets but would like one or two more patches of Velcro. I use 3mm HDPE sheet in the hydration sleeve. 'Locked in' using the square D rings for pockets it makes the bag sit better on and off the back. Side access like the UZ or front access like the Xray would be great.

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    Default Re: EDC bags. The good, bad and must have???

    My ideal EDC bag would be one that is versatile and could go from EDC to day hikes. Meaning I want stays and the Omni Suspension.

    I find the Scout to be pretty close in many ways other than I would like a true backpack instead of the lumbar set up. I would keep the front molle and put UZ bottle pockets on the side. On the top I would add the Xray style dump pocket. I find the Scout ideal for hiking and does a fair job on a bicycle too not being to big. However the lumbar style straps are too unwieldy for EDC and the big G2 lumbar pads are in the way so I would want the old G1 style set up being more versatile.

    The Xray works for me too in all accounts except I find it too big for riding a bicycle all day and it still has the G2 lumbar pads. I like the current shoulder straps and wouldn't want some overly thick padded straps myself.

    I think it's important on the ordering page to make Velcro for patches optional. I personally want Velcro but notice many do not. Grommets, stay type, etc are all optional now on the ordering page so it shouldn't be a big deal to add Velcro to the list.

    I know you guys at Kifaru are probably tired of seeing it but I want 1000d. Not that floppy frameless UZ

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    Default Re: EDC bags. The good, bad and must have???

    * Center and top zip for easy access
    * Built in Admin pouch
    * I'm not one of these guys that can afford a different bag for every occasion, so one bag that can be adapted for both civilian and tactical use is preferred
    * 2000 cu
    * PALS
    * To reduce the tactical footprint for civilian mode, I've been thinking of wrap around wings that originate from the top or bottom of the pack. This would hide PALS/attached pouches etc, increase waterproofing, and could be used to carry items like a bow similar to the grab it.

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    Default Re: EDC bags. The good, bad and must have???

    Versatility is a key feature.

    Two things are always desirable in my mind:

    1. Pre-mounted organizer type pocket

    2. Water bottle pouches. Ideally these have enough play that they can handle water bottles, Nalgenes WITH GSI type cup, and Canteens WITH canteen cup. Bottle pockets are always needed on an EDC bag, but they should be versatile enough to expand to handle light hiking with canteens and cup.

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    Default Re: EDC bags. The good, bad and must have???

    I see a bit of a problem here with what one person wants the other does not.
    Never the less the question has been asked.
    I currently run 3 x EDC packs: 1 = Kifaru X-Ray as my Field EDC, 2 = Maxped' Condor as my Workplace EDC, 3 = Maxped' Pygmy Falcon = Urban/Recreation EDC.
    Would dearly love to replace my Maxped's with Urban Zippy or similar? Perhaps I have something to look forward to
    I enjoy lots of organisation, so the Pals on the X-ray allows adding organisers/pockets etc, the Maxped gear has built in Organisation (but still not enough for me).
    I like 1000D but for EDC in an urban environment I can live with 500D.
    My biggest bugbear with all 3 of my current EDC is none of them have standard quick release shoulder straps, some thing I have had to modify myself.
    It is absolutely mandatory for me to have quick release on any pack I have.
    So for me the priorities are:
    Quick release shoulder straps (not likely to happen I conceed)
    1000D but I acknowledge Kifaru is moving away from 1000D for many packs.
    PALs which I see is becoming a bit of an option across the range these days.
    Top load with Panel Load also (love my X-Ray G1)
    Lots of built in organisation.
    I like the top pocket on my X-Ray and the mesh pocket under the lid. (Similar to current Urban Zippy)
    Would be happy to see a mesh pocket or two in lieu of Pals on the inside panel and keep the zippered pocket in the panel.
    Keep the Pals on the outside of panel.
    Personally for an EDC I would prefer a frame sheet rather than stays but I have found that with a Camebak "Hotshot" 3L in the bladder pocket this works as a frame sheet and I can do away with my stays.
    Well that's my 2 cents worth.
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    Default Re: EDC bags. The good, bad and must have???

    I've used a TG1, a Koala, and a Scout for EDC. I think the big thing lacking was a shoulder strap that allowed these man purses to be carried primarily with the shoulder straps over a single shoulder and possibly over the head & one shoulder instead of using the strapettes or the Omni Belt. I don't hate the 1" shoulder strap, but think the attachment is narrow for EDC, it's almost like it's an afterthought.

    That said, I liked the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipac's ability to carry across neck to opposite hip and easily sling to behind the hip. Wider straps & wider attachment points could do this. I would also say that the Koala with the X-harness actually did the best in this role, and had the best accommodation for CCW, but it really is a chest pack. My dad was looking for an EDC bag recently and bought a Maxpedition because of his need to have it out of the way while he went to gun shows, holding water, lunch, CCW, while carrying cased long guns. The sling pack type suspension seems to be the thing Kifaru lacks, but could adapt easily to Omni lumbar packs...

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