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Thread: Substitute for KU packs

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    I'm not sure on your exact needs, but a Bikini Frame and a Highcamp 7000 comes in at about 4.5 pounds, with quite a bit of capacity, both in volume and load bearing capability. I use a bikini and a DT2, which is a little heavier, but has some pockets built in and extra features built in.

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    Check out jimmy tarps. He makes lightweight packs that connect to kirafu frames.

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    I have a Bikini/Camp Bag combo w/Day Pack lid from Mystery Ranch. Works pretty well and light weight. Sometimes I throw in a grab it to help stabilize the load.

    I also have a KU 2200 w/Bikini belt. It can mushroom in size with a couple KU Long Pockets. Kifaru told me that the Bikini components are the only replacement parts for the smaller KU straps and belts (same webbing size, 3/4 inch). The belt supports a lot more than the original. Don't think I will ever get rid of it.

    The only thing I don't like about the Bikini is the space in the center. The load sometimes pokes me in the back. May end up selling it to try out the newer frames.

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    In the recent past I have or have had a ku 3709, bikini with high camp, dt1 and dt2 bags, gossamer gear mariposa, custom cuben ula ohm 2.0 with extended snow collar (so equal size to the catalyst), kuiu icon pro and ultra (of various sizes) and a handful of others, and for a pack that is light enough to hike with but sturdy enough for heavy hunting loads I haven't found anything quite like stone glacier. A minimalist is about 3lbs and can carry 50lbs comfortably (haven't tested it with more weight). I've sold everything else--except the bt1 and 2

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