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    I'm sure it's been done a few time but I've never seen it posted, so here it is.
    You can attach a pullout to the internal pals by cutting a slot in middle of a 3 bar slider. Add this to the pull tab of a small pullout and install like any lock and load pouch. Since the attachment points are in-line with the zipper they can easily be opened and closed with one hand.
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    Nice solution! What did you use to cut the slot in the middle of a 3 bar slider?

    That gives me a similar idea of attaching 3 bar sliders to the hunting pouches I bought without the larger 3 bar sliders (only the hunting ones). You can slide the smaller hunting ones through the larger ones but they fall off when not being used.

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    I used a small cutting wheel on a Dremel and then filed the slot a little to remove any rough edges.

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