Does anyone have a recommendation for the size of compression stuff sack that works well for a Sawtooth WITH the optional interior liner? Does one of the "sausage" Kifaru compression sacks fit and work, or is it easier to use a conventional style compression sack? Thanks, (I've got a Sawtooth and liner, and I want to be able to leave the liner attached into the tent and stow the whole thing in a single compression sack. I want to be able to get the bundle as small as possible for backpacking, but also want a stuff sack that's big enough to get the tent/liner into the bag without too much difficulty, particularly in less than ideal weather conditions when it's super cold or wet and rainy. Thanks (I'd rather learn from the experience of others, rather than my usual route of buying a bunch of different sizes and end up not needing/using the ones that don't work out -. )