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    So I was on Wikipedia tonight and I looked up Kifaru. To my surprise there isnt a page on the company. I was kind of surprised about it. However, I did come across this page which mentions the company.

    Just throwing it out there. No reason why. Just a boring night.

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    I tired to add one some time ago, and it as deleted as spam/advertising. They suggested I was a member of the company.
    I don't know if you've ever tried to navigate your way through the wikipedia policies and editorial process but it can be hard.
    I gave up.
    More details below.

    As far as I can tell wikipeida editors get "rank" by "contributing"/
    Contribution like enforcing rules are easier to make than actually writing or adding content.
    THe problem is they interpret the rules loosely so as to be able to edit the article to correct you fault, so get gt credited with a contribution and increase in rank.
    So I gave up trying to add the article after the"editor" who deleted it selectively quoted from the policy under which he deleted it.

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