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Thread: GB Lg Splitting Axe vs Splitting Maul

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    Default GB Lg Splitting Axe vs Splitting Maul


    Anyone have any opinion/experience on the Gransfors Bruks Large Splitting Axe versus their Splitting Maul? I'm splitting mainly softwood, ~18" length, 10" and up diameter. I do have to use a wedge sometimes on larger rounds, and I'm aware that the poll of the Large Splitting Axe is not hardened for pounding on a wedge. Not a big deal since I have a sledge.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: GB Lg Splitting Axe vs Splitting Maul


    Don't have and have never used the splitting axe, but the GB splitting maul has served me great. Granted, I have a hydraulic splitter for the big jobs, but the splitting maul serves very well when I don't want to fire up the splitter. Highly recommended. Also, not sure if the splitting axe is so equipped, but the maul has a metal guard on the handle for those times when you misjudge the distance.


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    Default Re: GB Lg Splitting Axe vs Splitting Maul

    I own the large splitting axe. All up it weighs ~5 lbs and does yeoman service on pinyon rounds. I've used it on cottonwood, and our version of maple and oak, no complaints.
    It does not have the poll designed for smacking a wedge. If I needed a wedge to split my firewood, I think I'd let fluids take over.
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    Default Re: GB Lg Splitting Axe vs Splitting Maul

    The maul is significantly heavier which helps greatly with harder (oak and hickory in my area) woods and gnarly grain. For pines, with the exception of douglas fir, the splitting axe should work nicely.


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