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Thread: Fitting Check--all large Kifaru Packs

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    Default Fitting Check--all large Kifaru Packs

    Hello all, here are fitting instructions for our large packs, in a more convenient location than You-Tube.

    The packs covered by these instructions are: All Timberlines (including Duplex), LongHunter, KU 3700 and 5200, Navigator, ZXR, MMR, EMR, AG1 and AG2.

    Here is the video for fine tuning, or for loaning your pack to someone else, etc. These videos were produced at least a couple of years ago, so our newer packs aren't mentioned in my verbiage. But the instructions apply to them. Also, please note that the shoulder strap adjusting method is now accomplished with three bar sliders instead of the buckles you'll see in the video. We will be producing another video soon that covers thick torso men; colleague Aron Snyder will be our example. In addition, we'll cover some more tips on load lifter angle for very heavy loads, and anything else that come to mind.

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