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    Welcome to the Kifaru forums. I'm one of the moderators, not a Kifaru employee but a friend of Patrick. I began as a customer in 1998, as you may be doing now.

    This is not an ordinary forum. We have some of the very best people on earth here, many of whom know each other as a result of their time here, and their desire to hunt hard, go far, and live well in the hinterlands. We have a lot of very experienced, and highly ethical people here as well as plenty of new hunters, outdoors people and military folks. All people of quality. We're happy to have you joining us.

    However, because this is Patrick's forum, we have a few rules. Patrick is a good Christian, and a man of very high integrity. Correspondingly, this isn't a place where anything goes.

    First, think of this as having a conversation in Patrick's living room. No profanity, no inappropriate pictures, nor links to same. (There will be times when the profanity is overlooked, just as it is in court, if integral to the story line. But use good judgment here.)

    Second, please consider that this forum exists to share information, to learn and to teach. Nobody has a right to be here. This is a privately sponsored forum, and we can limit content, and involvement, just as Patrick can throw someone out of his house. You're here to contribute, and contributing means learning and asking questions as much as it means providing information to others. The question you ask may spark an answer that helps many others. Even experienced hunters will learn tricks from the newbies here.

    Third, we expect people here to give each other professional respect. No name calling. No excessively argumentative posts. No trolling, or arguing dishonestly just to break up your boredom. We do not care if the other fellow is an idiot, you cannot call him one here. If someone has committed some form of misconduct, then you better have solid proof, like a conviction, before asserting it here. You can disagree without questioning someone's legitimate birth, integrity or otherwise being a horse's patoot. You can also learn from someone with a lot less experience than you have. A very experienced rifle elk hunter may also be a newbie at bowhunting whitetails, for example. We all have holes in our experience.

    Fourth, no public complaining about how the board is moderated. Why? Not because we want to run a dictatorship, but because every time a thread is closed, or someone is removed from the board, even for a few days, arguing about the decision becomes just a distasteful mess. Our decisions are final. If you wish to discuss it, do so privately, not on the board.

    Fifth, no, we're not perfect. There are several people who moderate this board. We all have different levels of tolerance for things. But the people who contribute here predominantly like it when the board is pleasant, and tightly monitored. The kind of people who would strap on a backpack and hunt five miles in are the kind of folks who like the quiet. So, please, consider that nobody here is monitoring this board as a job.

    Sixth, we can't possibly write rules to cover every situation. So, these are necessarily vague. If in doubt, ask one of us before posting. Even if it's a mistake, we won't penalize you for something that you got permission to put up. In general, do right, and treat others well. Easy, right?

    Seventh, this isn't a spot for your commercial advertising. It's a Kifaru site, not a Brand X site. If you are advertising goods, ask before posting about it. And, of course, spam will not be tolerated, nor porn.

    Eighth, please follow the same high standards for the trading post. Internet sales are handshake deals. If you get the money, ship the goods promptly. If you advertise condition of an item, then it should be exactly as you describe it.

    Have fun. Learn, contribute and educate.
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    Default Re: Forum Rules

    As it should be.

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    Default Re: Forum Rules

    Thank you for the intellectual introduction. I appreciate the candor and the substance of the rules. I'm here to learn and the points made in your rules will, I anticipate, add to the quality fo the forum. Further, this si the first forum I've been compelled to join. I joined because I was confident that the quality of th Kifaru products would carry over into this forum and I felt afe learning in this environment; thank you!

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