I'm a Kifaru noob. It all started one day when my Labrador chewed a nasty hole in my man-cave quilt. Started surfing on the net for military surplus quilts,...then I came across the Woobie on Military Morons page... ended up buying a MC/CB woobie and I took delivery of it today! Not sure where the woobie has been all my life, but I wish I got one a long time ago. My fiance is growing attached, though, might have to get one for her.

Anyways, before I knew it, a couple weeks later, I ordered a Scout. I envision using the Scout during dayhikes and I bought a small KU-pod thinking I could strap the woobie on the bottom. Because I haven't taken delivery of the small pod yet, I'm now not sure if the woobie could fit in it. Anybody have experience fitting woobie in small pod? I'm reluctant to go up to medium pod because I want my Scout layout to be relatively streamlined. Also, I'm hoping that my legs won't be banging on the pod under the Scout when I walk.


P.S. The corollary to this question is the Doobie...what size pod would fit a Doobie?