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    Default Hi all!

    I am from Gaylord, MI. I am a 39 year old TRAPPED in a 26 year old brain! I am an avid hunter, hiker, camper, outdoors-man, survivalist.

    At one point and time I had enough equipment that a friend told me, "I am not bringing any of my families gear this trip cause you have enough to outfit you, my family & atleast another family of 5".

    Well as time passes & marriage happened, my time & gear dwindled. I now have enough gear to outfit myself in to retrospects... I have "my" solo gear & I have "family" gear. Although the family gear has dwindled due to lost interest of camping by my wife.

    My oldest daughter is 15 & has switched gears from camping to... uhhhhgg... boys. My son is 10 & is just starting to enjoy the outdoors (after being grounded from his electronics so often). And my youngest daughter is 5 & always wants to "camp with daddy", but the weather is not always agreeable for a 5yr old at the times when I can go.

    I also have a 184lb English Mastiff (Malla) & a 65lb English Bulldog (Ashen). Malla loves her Mountain Smith pack & goes camping, However Ashen is not so keen on wearing a pack at all.

    So far, I am getting great representations from & enjoy it ALOT more than some of the other forums I frequent (, to name acouple).

    I am always "downsizing" & "re-configuring" my solo equipment to get it more agreeable & lighter for me. So, the first place I stopped at was "The Trading Post". BTW- I have excellent feedback on the other forums I frequent &/or used to frequent.

    Thanks all for the lasting first impressions you have thus far embedded into my mind about the site!
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    Stealth is the most important aspect... Fire Superiority helps alittle too.

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