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Thread: New York must be a state full of criminals

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    Default New York must be a state full of criminals


    Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. - C.S. Lewis

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    Default Re: New York must be a state full of criminals

    I'm not sure that an illegal turn is grounds to search a car, but no matter. So goes the tale that when Mario Cuomo was governor (Mario the Pious never saw anything he didn't want to ban) some kid was breaking windows with a wrist-lock slingshot and ol' Mario convinced a not-too-bright legislature to ban wrist-lock slingshots (regular slingshots are okay). The whole weapons law in NY is unconsitutionally vague but so far no one has had the interest to overturn the POS. Also okay is the classic sling (the type David used on Goliath). With a 2-3 oz. pebble that is REALLY lethal but don't tell anyone. Also illegal is a slung-shot - essentially a rock in a sock. Every so often I see a criminal case involving "constructive possession" another piece of legal crap. Using the constructive possession theory if you have a rock and a sock you are guilty of a weapons violation.

    What is really ironic is that you can have a license to carry a concealed sidearm and still be convicted of illegal weapons possession is you have a wrist-lock slingshot. Who was it that said, "The law, sir, is an ass?"

    Mostly, this type of nit-wit charge is rarely seen in the rural upstate area.

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