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Thread: Rude, Inobservant Staff at Bellevue Wade's Gunstore

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    Sorry to hear about your experience DP. I happened to be in the neighborhood a couple weeks ago and dropped by Wade's for what may have been the first time in a couple years.

    The range guys have to put up with pretty high volume of idiots and their fuses can get too short. By the time you had your mishap with the soda, they've probably been swept by 5 or 6 people and had a few guns come back out of the range that were loaded. Having sat behind that very counter, I can tell you that it can be a little stressful.

    There's a fair amount of turnover in the retail area as it is tough to keep guys there that have any customer service or sales skills at all given how little they are paid. Other small business owners slip 'em a card and nab the good ones. If you are going with the intent to buy or want to look at something in particular, ask for an older guy by the name of John. He is extremely knowledgable, very patient and won't BS you. There's also a younger/newer guy that does work on AR's and suppressors that definitely knows his stuff. Can't help you with a name since his card is at my office.
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