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Thread: New from MN and need advice!

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    Default New from MN and need advice!

    Hey there everyone, after drooling over Kifaru for a couple years I think that I am getting close to "maybe" affording one soon here. Anyways, I am 29 yrs old enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing, and other outdoor adventures. I work at Home Depot, have two kids, and a lovely wife.

    So I joined this forum hoping to solve which Kifaru pack would best suit my needs. So here is the challenge.....

    If I talk the wife into letting me buy a Kifaru pack I want it to be as multi-purpose as possible. This means I need a pack large enough for up to a week long trip (most likely with the assistance of add-on pouches), but also has the capability to be an overnighter, or even a daypack, without being too baggy and rediculous looking.

    Right now the ones that seem to fit close to the bill are the Zulu, MMR, and the ZXR. Since I live in Minnesota and will often have to have bulkier sleeping systems/clothes in the cold weather, I am having a hard time judging what will be able to work with bulky clothes and gear but will not look absurd with a lighter and considerably smaller warm weather load-out.

    Just in case this helps any of the experts around here I am 5ft 9.5in tall, weight 173lbs, and waist of 32, overall I have a slender muscular build. I look forward to any input from you guys. Also if I should post this in any other area of the forum for better input please let me know.

    Thanks for reading and I am excited about what I will learn on this forum!

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    Default Re: New from MN and need advice!

    Welcome! I am also comparing some packs and in your shoes, I think I would just call the shop for advice. Great folks over there.

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    Default Re: New from MN and need advice!

    Hi Raphael,

    Welcome to Kifaru!

    I own both a G1 Zulu and G1 MMR. The Zulu has served me very well over the years. It is still one of my favorite packs ever! Seriously, it is a great pack. The only pack that I like better is my Marauder. I got the MMR a few years ago in anticipation of doing some week long, high mileage remote desert hiking with my boy's Scout troop. Only did a couple of those and the MMR worked great, especially when it came to hauling extra water. I also did one very late fall weekend trip in Central Texas with it. I carried the whole tent and some of my wife's gear too, again very comfortable. I would highly recommend either of these packs.

    I don't have a ZXR, but from what I've seen and heard, this might be the pack for you. Bigger than the Zulu (would probably work for MN winter camping), yet smaller than the MMR so you could easily compress it down for day hikes and other such excursions. My advice would be to post your question in the "Tactical" section of the Forum. You'll get a lot more people to chime in there.

    Take care,
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