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Thread: Vicarous Walk in a snowy forest...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountaintrek View Post
    the mitts look fantastic! What are they lined with? Most surplus stores have them in Canada ?
    Cool trip and cool pics.
    Happy New Year to you too!
    They are fantastic. And strong. I have had this pair for at least 20 years. The liner is removable. The liner is wool. They are not hard to find in a surplus store. Saw some myself this summer when I was last in such a place. Ebay should have them too; 40-50 dollars should be all you need to spend, though it would not be a rip-off to pay more for they really are top quality. The only drawback in they are a bit bulky and heavy; but warmth is warmth.

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    Appreciate the photos and story. It looked like a fun trip. Lucky Lager and all.

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    Great pictures, thanks for posting.

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