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Thread: Pics of KU3700 for Take-a-knee

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    Default Pics of KU3700 for Take-a-knee

    When I was first considering a KU pack I was certain it was going to be a KU5200 but after seeing the videos of the KU3700 and Take-a-knee's concept of "living out" of an E&E attached to the back I decided to purchase the KU3700 with an E&E, some pods and other pockets.

    I've now come to find out that Take-a-knee has not yet taken the plunge on a KU pack so I decided to help him out

    Here is my KU3700 compressed down with an E&E attached to the back. In the E&E is my KUIU rain gear (jacket and pants), fire kit, FAK, Knife, and emergency blanket with room to spare for my lunch. Compass, GPS, and other stuff would be in a possibles and/or belt pouch attached to the belt.

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    Back view

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    I figure I can put the things I need to process an animal (e.g. game bags) along with a 100oz water bladder inside the pack and all the things I need during the day while hunting will be in the E&E, possible pouch and/or belt pouch. When I get an animal I plan to put the meat in the pack. Here is a simulation of meat in meat bags. My intent is to use Kifaru meat baggies.

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    I don't have any Kifaru meat baggies yet nor do I have any real meat that I'm willing to use for this test so I'm using 5 lbs weights wrapped in old tee-shirts to try to get close to the weight and volume of real meat. Each bag weighs about 35 lbs.

    Here is the KU3700 with the 70 lbs of "meat" and the E&E attached to the back. There is plenty of room inside the bag for more meat and other stuff.

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    Now a KU5200 will compress down small but if I want to use it in this manner I would still want to "live out" of an E&E to have quick and easy access to my gear. The KU3700 can hold more meat than I'm willing to carry and I believe I can fit my complete camp for 5 days inside it so my potential need for a KU5200 comes when trying carry my camp and a load of meat at the same time.

    One thing I found when packing my simulated meat and other loads is that in order to keep the load stable and not have it collect into a ball at the bottom of the pack I needed to compress it tightly. In the picture above I used two extra straps attached to the bottom to keep the simulated meat load from hanging too low. Here is a picture of the load without the extra straps.

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    Anything that will be in the pack with the meat will have to able to be compressed with a heavy, dense load. I have some gear that I would not want compressed inside with the meat including my stove, tent poles (ultra-light aluminum), optics, and some food. Also I still want easy access to my lunch, rain gear, FAK, etc. so that can't go into the compressed bag either. Thus, even if I had a KU5200 there would still be a need for an E&E and some pods to carry the stuff I don't want in the compressed bag.

    I've been testing other packs including a G1 Late Season, G1 Siwash, Mystery Ranch Crew Cab and Mystery Ranch Wolf pack. I've found that it is easier to get the load balanced and stabilized in a smaller pack because there is less space in which it can move. I've also found that my pack carries better when the load is close to my back and higher up on my back. A big ball in the bottom of the pack is not very comfortable.

    I've taken a number of 3 mile hikes with 75 lbs in the KU3700 and found it to be very comfortable. I'm sure it can carry 100 lbs comfortably which is near my maximum.

    Given all of this I'm glad I went with the KU3700. I'm sure there may be a time when a KU5200 would work better but for my style of hunting the KU3700 is the better choice.

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    Default Re: Pics of KU3700 for Take-a-knee

    Excellent photo essay, Dave!

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    Default Re: Pics of KU3700 for Take-a-knee

    Good info. Dave, that is pretty much the set up that I have, haven't used it as yet so your information will come in handy, thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: Pics of KU3700 for Take-a-knee

    Thanks Dave, I think your pack selection was a wise one. I for one, will never attempt to carry more than 100ib. again, and I have my pack weight sans water/food down to way under 20lb, even in winter. My "hunting package" rifle, optics, rangefinder, knife, etc is a bit over 10lb. So, I should never leave the truck with over 50lb. I think the 3700/E&E combo will be all I'll ever need. A med pod might be called for in the winter, we'll see.

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