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    Anyone own a very lightweight tripod that they really like or dislike and why? Have you owned another tripod to compare it with? Are tripods like optics, where you need to buy the very best? Or, should I just buy the cheapest and the lightest?

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    I bought that Nikon spotting scope kit that you see in cabelas with tripod and case. The tripod says SLIK (I think) and, in order to extend the legs, you have to twist the couplings.
    I always thought it was sort of an entry level tripod because it was a little flimsy.

    Then I compared it with a normal one and saw a big difference. Mine is at least 10% smaller and lighter. It's even lower in profile because it doesn't have the flip locks for the leg extensions and that also makes it slower to set up. With practice it's no big deal.

    It has held up and I have had no problems for several seasons.

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    I tried a Slik compact tripod. It was Patricks suggestion, but the model he suggested was no longer available. The one I bought was larger and heavier. I then bought a Burris tripod. It folds to about 11 inches and weighs about 1 lb. I also have a Cabelas field tripod. I think the Burris is the best for weight, size and field use. I purchased it on the web at wholesale hunter. It also came with a window mount.

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    Hi Joe, For my couple of cents, here goes and its brief: I've tried and/or had about 15 different tripods over the years, being exposed to other guides in the field plus hunters that had their own when they came to hunt. Cabelas brand came in there somewhere, bushnell, a couple of no names, and the one common denominator that kept showing its head- SLIK. Currently using a Model 511QF and love it. Smooth head, light enough to tote, heavy enough to be stable to a point and be sturdy as well. If and when it gives up the ghost I will actively seek out another SLIK. Try I would guess?? Good luck with this quest, Oz

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