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Thread: KU Pockets for Hunting Packs Question

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    Gentlemen - Great concept you have going with the ultralight line. Having a Longhauler, Siwash and Spike Camp in the G1 series am I correct in understanding the specific ultralight pocket accessories noted on the Pocket Chart will fit my packs with the adapter kits? If so, will they cinch up as tight as on seen on the KU packs or PALS webbing. I like the idea of these lightweight accessories but don't want them floppng around going through the bush. By doing this it will allow me to extend the use of my current packs which present a pretty significant investment in gear.

    BTW, I continue to be absolutely pleased with my current set ups until funding becomes available for a full pack upgrade. Keep up the excellent work.


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    Hello Jim, I am responding on on my new iPhone from the SHOT Show so please bear with me as I wrestle with this new (to me) technology.

    The answer is yes, the KU pockets and PODs will work
    fine on your Hunting Division packs. And thanks very for the words re our work--we intend to keep right at it!

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