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Foot Cramps
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Thread: Foot Cramps

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    Default Foot Cramps

    For the last few years I've been annoyed by foot cramps. I'll wake up in the middle of the night with them and recently have been getting them every time I point my toes to put on socks or pull on my trousers. I mentioned this to an old friend the other day and she suggested taking a small glass of quinine water every day. Seemed harmless enough so for the past few days I have been taking tonic with dinner and, so far, no cramps at all.

    I realize a few days is hardly indicative of long term value but it is simple and cheap enough that I see no reason not to share the information quickly for anyone with a similar nuisance problem.

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    Default Re: Foot Cramps

    Thanks, Ralph. I'll share this with my wife. And I can always find a use for any tonic water she leaves around...

    I always suggested bananas, but they didn't seem to answer for her.

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