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Thread: 270 WSM reduced loads

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    Anyone tried to develop reduced loads for the 270 WSM? I'm interested in a "power level" scheme whereby one could get, perhaps, a small game load, a .270 Redding load, a .270 Winchester load and of course a full-on magnum load.

    I've read accounts that go both ways as to whether it works, but no detailed account of results.

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    I'm using 20 grains of 4198 over a magnum LR primer with 140 grain Gamekings for 1650~ fps. I have no windage deviation from my big game loads and it prints about 2" lower at 100 yards. I have a ranging reticle and I use the first crossbar below the cross hairs for aiming and it works pretty well, although repeatable accurate hits on small targets at varying ranges simply requires adequate practice. . I haven't used it yet on small game but I'm pretty sure at those velocities, the Gameking will give me a tiny bit of upset on grouse or rockchuck sized targets. Zippo case expansion, reload 'em forever.
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