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Thread: WA state early elk trip report

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    Default WA state early elk trip report

    Hunted a slightly different are this year near the Pacific Crest Trail with my Dad for 8.5 days. With the exception of a nice bull that came in to about 75 yards on the first afternoon, the bulls were not talking. Saws cows every day, but couldn't find a cooperative bull. Snuck within 50yrds of a bedded bull in an avalanche chute, and chose to use a spike bugle to challenge him and get an unobstructed shot. How'd that work out?....not too well. He got up an just slowly walked away. My Dad had a bull pass him at about 40 yards, following a cow. Unfortunately, he wasn't in the right spot for a shot. Sunshine for the first 4 days, then another 4.5 of rain. Thank goodness for dry wood and a tipi liner in the 6 man. No better feeling than it being 40 deg and raining outside, while it's 80+ inside while eating dinner nice and dry. Used a pair of Sealskinz socks since I knew my Hanwags had leaks from last year. They worked extremely well, no chafing or blisters even with an 11 mile day with soggy boots and steep slopes. Used my LH Rondy as a daypack, and it was quiet enough with my fleece cover, I lost a bit of mobility and stealth from the taller and stiffer pack. Used a pair of Garmin Rino 520s to keep track of dear 'ol Dad as well. They worked well overall, as long as you maintained good LOS. The 5W Li-Po battery obviously worked better than the AA's at 2W. Had to use it once to track down my wayward partner, since he allegedly didn't hear my directions to "stay put, I'm coming to you". The auto-polling feature is very slick. Overall had a great time, found some promising new territory, and got to unplug from the world for a week.

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    Thanks Spence. Looks like familiar NW country. Sounds like a great trip with your dad.
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    I think I see my camp in one of those shots.

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