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Help Delist Wolves!!!
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Thread: Help Delist Wolves!!!

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    Angry Help Delist Wolves!!!

    I you want to contuinue to hunt elk in the west, or you hope some day to do so, consider this effort:


    We need your help NOW to pass wolf delisting legislation in Congress!

    Judge Molloy’s recent ruling which stopped all wolf hunting in Idaho and Montana has many people asking, “Now what do we do?” While the judge’s ruling is disappointing, even more concerning is the brazen petition filed by yet another extreme environmental group to have wolves introduced throughout substantially all of the United States. The petition filed by the Center for Biological Diversity contemplates tens of thousands of wolves throughout California, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, the Midwest, Southwest, New England…well you get the picture. More importantly, it sets the stage for a much more aggressive round of years-long litigation to prevent state management of wolves and wildlife.
    The good news is that many Senators and Congressmen are now convinced that intervention by Congress is the only solution to stop the endless cycle of litigation and return the sovereign ability of states to manage their wildlife. Members of Congress from both sides of the isle and from every “wolf” states are calling for removal of wolves from the Endangered Species List. Congressman Chet Edwards from Texas has already introduced wolf-delisting legislation in the House of Representatives. Senator Max Baucus has announced plans to introduce wolf-delisting legislation in the Senate next month. A number of members for other state Congressional delegations have also indicated that they support Congressional wolf delisting legislation (see wolf delisting quotes from members of Congress below).

    What you can do.

    We believe that if every supporter of Big Game Forever will ask 10 friends to sign the wolf delisting petition, we have a real shot at getting a wolf bill through Congress. Congress is ready to act. With active and ongoing support from the Sportsmen and Livestock communities, our Senators and Congressmen will have the support they need to get this important legislation through Congress. Congress will be back in session on September 12, 2010. We must act now. Special interest groups want to control state wildlife policy. They are using wolves as the excuse. Support abundant wildlife and state management. Sign the petition at http://biggameforever.org to make your voice herd. In the next few weeks we will be asking each of you to send emails or make phone calls to members of Congress in support of wolf delisting. By signing the petition, your friends can help us accomplish this important solution to ensure state management of abundant wildlife populations.
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    Default Re: Help Delist Wolves!!!

    I just sent this to about twenty people, all of whom I hope will send it to another twenty each. This has gone far enough!
    Thanks Timberline.
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    Default Re: Help Delist Wolves!!!

    Signed and sent-thanks also Timberline

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    Subscribed and petition sent. I will get more informed on this issue. Thank you.

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