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Thread: Name that Shelter!

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    Excellent! Been away for a week and check back in to find the decision's been made and it couldn't have been a better choice! I love it!

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    I could have never thought of a better name!

    This shelter is absolutely brilliant and looks like the ultimate 2 person lightweight set up. I had a paratipi for a brief while and found that it placed my sleeping position much too close to the stove when using a bulky sleeping bag system, so I sold it. I was considering getting a supertarp & annex, but this looks to be so much more versatile at a a negligible weight difference! I'm thinking that if I keep my Hennessy hammock for mild weather solo outings, get the Sawtooth for 2 person-4 season outings, & a 12 man tipi to accomodate myself, the GF & her 2 kids, for 4 season outings, I should probably have all of my bases covered.
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    Who is next? I dig this thread.

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    Down Ranger
    GFS or as Timberline would say Goat **** Steep.
    Olympic Bivy
    High country patrol
    Canyon house
    Operations Tarp

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