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Thread: "Circa" on a Back Pouch

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    Default "Circa" on a Back Pouch

    Just got a OD Back Pouch from a fellow on the USN forum. I have Kifaru products but I am new to Kifaru (1 year if that).
    I do not recognize the patch (see pic) what is the time frame for it?
    As well the dock and lock is not compatible with my current dock and lock (male/female)
    Any history lesson would be greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: "Circa" on a Back Pouch

    All my old pullouts have that patch as do a few pockets purchased in 2008 think it was... check the old G1 2008 military pages for further shown examples.. Ahh the tiger stripe goodness... the only camo scheme I liked... sad it went away.

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    With the D&L, the black buckles will not work with any of the other colors mate. Look in accessories for sets of buckles. It's easier to replace the male end to match the sewn-in female end.

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    As early as at least 2003. Matches my first purchase. The black buckles are "Stealth" brand, not compatible with Fastex / ITW Nexus. Easily replaced from Supply Captain or other sources.

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