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Thread: ECR '09 Thanx

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    Default ECR '09 Thanx

    Just got my spiffy new Kifaru ECR cap & wanted to say thanx to Patrick & crew both for the hat and everything else they do for our online community.

    A bit of news from PA: I got the 2d highest vote total in the district, but missed the Republican nomination by 90 votes and the Democratic nomination by 7 votes. At the time, my father-in-law was dying of leukemia (he passed away 36 hours after the election) & we made the decision to spend the final days with family rather than on the road campaigning. In hindsight, I am pleased that my priorities were where they should be in making that decision. It was the right thing to do.

    On a more pleasant note, we have the Tour of Honor in our county this weekend with the traveling version of the Vietnam War Memorial & other exhibits honoring veterans from past & present conflicts. Based on other appearances in rural areas, the organizers are expecting about 40,000 people to stop through over the 3 days that the Tour is in town. Our band "The Local Boys" will be playing on center stage from 5 to 8 pm on Saturday 5/30 as a part of the festivities. Two of the guys in the band wrote a song called "The Wall" about the Memorial that is a gem, and we went into the studio last week to record it. We'll be playing it for the first time in public at the Tour of Honor this weekend.

    Hunting & fishing have kind of taken a back seat to other duties over the past few months, but now that i've got my life back, I expect to be going off the grid shortly. Ahhh, blessed solitude.

    Keep well, brothers, and until we meet again...

    PA Scott
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    Default Re: ECR '09 Thanx

    Same here! I would like to say THANKS to all! It was a surprise to see the 2009 NE Rendezvous Kifaru cap in a new foliage color....great choice!

    Scott, sorry to hear the said news and God bless.
    Good hunting, be safe and enjoy your back-country adventures!
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    Default Re: ECR '09 Thanx

    Got my cap and so did Chris. It was his first ECR and had a great time. Thanks for the Hat Patrick! Looks even better than last years.

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    Default Re: ECR '09 Thanx

    Thanks for the update Scott....I was wondering how you made out.

    Got my new hat as well the other day and like it very much.

    Thanks to Patrick and crew for all they do!
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