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Thread: 300 Weatherby Mark V Value

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    Default 300 Weatherby Mark V Value

    I am looking to buy a very lightly used 300 Weatherby Mark V. The gun was purchased around 1994 (new). There are a few shallow scratches on the wood and one small blemish on the barrel. Otherwise, the gun is in very good shape. This will be a cash deal and I would like to give the person (whom I know well) a fair price.

    Thanks, John
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    Default Re: 300 Weatherby Mark V Value

    The gun is old, 1994 should be the action made by Howa in Japan. With a wood stock I wouldn't give more than 750.00 if the gun was a 8 or better. I don't know everything about weatherby's, but I own my fair share of them!(Who am I kidding, I love them) You can't go wrong with a 300 Wby. I don't own a 300, But the 240 Wby. in an ultra-lite is what I carry on my late season. Good luck and Happy Hunting!

    PS- IF you need any reloading supplies for that Gun let me know, my brother-in-law, just sold his and is getting rid of his stuff for it.
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