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  1. LOL!! Just to start up our conversation from 2012 again. I worked with the build and rebuild phases of the HAWK missile system for Egypt, Saudi Arabia & Japan as well as the build & rebuild of the Patriot missile systems for Saudi, and Greece.

    Yea, I changed the avatar alot looking for one that I liked and fit, plus for whatever reason, the system would always dump them and I would have to start over.

    Anyways, yes the pad is standard size. But I do know that Big Angus makes a pad more like what you are looking for.
  2. Larry,
    Seems we have a common occupation... I was a Quality Assurance Manager for 13 years for a government procuring company, dealing with Raytheon Corporation, Japan, Saudi Arabia (HAWK Phase III rebuild) & Greece.

    Any Job openings your way? LOL

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