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  1. Howzit Bruddah?! Hope all good back in da islands.

    Malama pono
  2. Eh, same for me. I like go hunt but the guys that I know no go that often anymore. I like go get me a deer. The last time I ate deer meat was when a friend went to Moloka'i and brought some meat back. Mean da meat! When I was a boy scout, we did the haleakala trail and camped over nite. It was good fun! I like take my family in one of these days. Would be perfect with a kifaru tipi and stove but don't think they allow fires there. Don't even think get any wood for that matter LOL. Eh, yeah, watch for da snakes! No can tell where those bloody things hanging out at! Raining like crazy here at home right now. Brah, the weather is all jacked up. No even look like summer coming! We supposed to go camping come end of June. We hoping no get all soaked! Shoots den! Keep in touch ma man!

  3. Brah, Colorado is mean! I grew up on Maui, grad Lahainaluna in '01 (I'm the youngest of da cousins). I hiked Haleakala crater trail a couple times (20+ miles), but the open land available for recreation here is solid! I went elk hunting up here last year on some public land (first time hunting) and got a bull elk. After i was all pau, my girlfriend asked me if I saw any snakes, cause where I went hunt supposed to have choke snakes. I nevah heard before I went, so I nevah think about that. Needless to say, next season I'm gonna be more cautious about what bushes I sit in.

    My cousin on Maui hunts boar and deer (rifle and bow). When I was living there, I wasn't into hunting yet. Now, I like go back and go boar hunting. Sounds killahs.

    Hope all is charry in Hawaii. Take it easy!


  4. Howzit Brah! Sorry so long in writing. I haven't visited the Kifaru forums in a few months. I haven't gone out into the mountains cause, as you already know, dangerous when it rains up dea. Looks like you get some awesome gear in your stash and some mean stuff on the way! I have a G2 MMR, G2 E&E, Tailgunner 1, and a ton of misc pouches & pull outs. I was born on Oahu but my family moved to Kauai (my dad is from Kauai) while in intermediate school. I grad from Kapaa High in '93, yup, got whacked by hurricane iniki my senior year lol. So, how you liking the mainland? Colorado is a beautiful place. The only ting that scares the hell out of me there is all the snakes, ticks with lime disease and stuff 'li dat! Shoots, talk to you again so brah!

  5. Aloha e Poi Dog. Howzit? I just ordered some Kifaru gear last week and thought I'd sign up on the forums, too. I got a back-ordered Parka and Pants as well as a compression sack. I have a Mollle Express and paratarp being built. While browsing the forums, I saw your user name and was comforted to see some other kanaka on here. I was born and raised on Maui, but I recently moved to Colorado to learn about the other side of the climate range (....also, my girlfriend who I met in college, is from CO). So, all the usual Hawaii questions... wea you from? what year year you when grad? Hope all is well in Hawaii. I never ho'i back there for long time!

    Aloha, malama pono,
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