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  1. I think there is a possability that they may put a instant messaging or chat room in here for members. It sounds good as long as its well policed and no one gets rude, abusive or childish with it. So far this place has other boards beat due to the class and caliber of its members.
  2. Seems like canon is the way to go. Well now lets see if I can convince the wife that we dont need to spend too much to have a great camera.
  3. i tried refreshing the page
  4. Hmmm for some reason I have to click up in the right hand corner under your notifications to see the message you send. Seems like I should be able to just see it here.,
  5. yeah, it would definitely be handy
  6. You know a closely monitored chat room wouldnt be bad.
  7. gotcha glenn
  8. Well lets see if this comes back at ya. Might have to get ahold of support to get this to work right.
  9. It's also got a pop up flash. My guess is that you could find it online for less than 229.

    Here's a link to Evans flickr gallery, many of the photos were taken with that camera
  10. Check out the Canon SX120 IS

    Evan Hill has one, and it takes realllllly good pictures. Best Buy quotes it for 229 online. 10 megapixels is plenty for just about everything. It also uses standard AA batteries, which I prefer.
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