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Andy T
05-26-2005, 06:33 AM
I am thinking about getting a new EDC back pack. I had a number of them over the years, ranging from Camelback SnowDawg, Kelty 600, and recently MountainSmith Lumbar Day pack.
However, I am looking for something a little more comfortable. I am considering either a Marauder or a Scout, perhaps even E and E too in addition to Maxpedition Falcon. My EDC loadout consist of a notebook, spec ops brand pocket organizer filled with medical supplies, leatherman wave, sunglasses case, a place for an optional 1.5 / 2 liter camelback, optional light weight jacket, optional nalgene bottle, some space for a snack and a book.
Because maxpedition is about 50% less than kifaru, I am wondering about the benefits in terms of comfort - which I think are worth the price premium - that Kifaru may have over maxpedition's pack.



05-26-2005, 07:27 AM
The Scout would more than hold your load. The Marauder would be too big for the load you described but have more options available for other uses when you need more cargo room. I too looked at the Falcon and also Spec-Ops "The Pack". They are both built very well in terms of material and stitching but you become limited to what they consider a good design for ___ activities. What really puts the Kifaru on a different plane is the attention to ergonomics and the versatility. Kifaru is much more comfortable and has meticulous care into its design to minimize any discomfort to the human body. Also, you can build a pack system to adjust to meet your individual needs with Kifaru. This is not as easily done with the other brands- you are limited to what they think is a good design for you. Kifaru is also a step up in durability- however the main justification, in my mind, on spending more money is not this but is the comfort/ergonomics and the versatility/adaptability to your varying needs.

05-26-2005, 12:21 PM
Maxpedition packs are great daypacks for commuting but put any serious weight in them and they lose. They have no frame so carrying a load is not good. They have a tiny waistbelt also you cannot put a full size waterbladder in them. I love Max packs but only use them for a cool book bag alternative to the Jansport crap. If I am doing anything serious and on a trail it's Kifaru all the way. JMO

imported_Scott Cunningham
05-26-2005, 08:08 PM
I have a Fatboy I use as a man-purse (filled with my stabilized bino's, laser rangefinder, GPS, surefire, batteries, NVG's, one of my handheld radios (I carry a few usually), maps, OPORDers, etc,,, It works for that, but I would never consider it the same as a Kifaru that is designed to be worn comfortably. Two different design philosophies

Daniel Gentile
05-27-2005, 07:49 AM
I have the Vulture from Maxpedition and am not that happy with it...
especially the comfort is an issue... not much when you don't have a lot packed but as soon as theres some load, and the load is not soft and moldable, there will be a lot of pressure points at the back.
the shoulderstraps, due to the lack of proper adjustabiltiy don't fit me as well (I've got broad shoulders and a strong neck musculature...)... it's kind of tight and "rough"... not nice on long walks. The Waistbelt isn't really any useful either, as it is simply a belt (webbing) and does not really help to support and stabilize the load on your hips.

To add another one: the "option" to carry a hydration bladder is a joke... at least on the vulture... there is no way to get a full 2liter bladder in there comfortable...
This was maybe may main dissapointment, as during my trips I make constant use of the hydration systems...

Besides, their "cordura like" material is stiffer and has some "rustle" compared to high grade cordura...

I know that sounds bad... believe me the packs are not wrong so bad, but I would not compare them to some other "pro" packs out there. The Vulture and other maxpedition bags are quite sturdy, and will take a beating, but as I said... I don't like mine as much.
in the end "you get what you pay for".

One option, if you're looking into a "cheaper" daypack maybe would be the "Tasmanian Tiger Mission Bag" (Tasmanian Tiger is a sub-section of Tatonka)... the bag's price is arround 130 US$.
the quality is OK. I like the design better then the maxpedition things....
It's is for the moment the every day pack of mine which sees the most use and has spent some time outdoors.... Far better priced then the maxpedtion imho...

Should you be able to afford it, go the Kifaru route... and save the bucks on the other packs.
I have been into outdoor, travelling, mountaineering and happy-survival stuff since quite more than 10 years... suffer from a serious gear addiction and reffer to myself as a backpack-fetishist /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif .
I have spent so much cash on back packs, in the constant search to find a pack like I (emphasis on I) want it... the search did not produce good results until I found This website... I started to put the cash for a load of gear aside... and I know I will not regrett /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
What I want to say, you can go and buy a cheap pack, use it for some while, and then repeat the whole which-backpack-to-buy quest all over again, spent some more and some more and not be 100% satisfied 'cause of some important "details"... or you can go and get something decent ONCE in the beginning and be happy... Ok, the "downside" of this way: you need to spend more money in the beginning, but then again, far less in the long run.

If all works out by the mid of june I'll place my kifaru order (have made my decision, Marauder / EE / internal pocekts,...) and be in back-pack heaven shortly before my birthday in July /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif