View Full Version : Differentiating the Delta Straps

02-15-2003, 05:47 AM
This message is for Patrick. I have some trouble differentiating the ends of the two Delta straps with the 1" shoulder straps when I need to adjust them on my Marauder.
Now that you are offering your packs in coyote brown, how about using color to differentiate the straps?
For a camo green pack, green can remain for the shoulder strap, brown for the diagonal delta and black for the horizontal delta. This way, there won't be any more confusion with the straps, at least for me.
I have just faxed in a new order for a Navigator. If I can get this color scheme for the straps done for my new pack, that will be great. So how about it, Patrick? Thanks. :p

02-15-2003, 09:34 AM

A Marauder/Navigator combo guy, eh? Good for you! Panel loaders really are neat for complete access aren't they.

Here's the deal on Delta straps, and it's based on twenty years of building them. First, you soon get to know which straps are which just by touching them at their "base" as you move to pull them. Secondly, color coding doesn't work in poor light. Anyway, some guys over the years have attached different "tags" to the ends of their Delta straps. The objects are unique to them: 550 cord on the upper Deltas and nothing on the lower Deltas, or some combination of little knicknacks that mean something to the owner...you get the idea. Real personalized. BUT, by far the most users just leave things "stock" and get the hang of it. It's so rare we get such a request we just have never coded the things, and, as I said it's useless in the dark anyway. You strike me as one of those instinctive "designer" type guys, and I enjoy talking to your sort a lot!

Anyway, if you still want us to do this coding thing please say so when you place the Order and my crew can make it happen. I still don't think it'll do you much good in the long run tho. Thanks for the cool question!