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04-24-2005, 03:46 PM
Any of you have good or bad to say about these books from Brigade Qtrmstr?

<a href="http://www.actiongear.com/cgi-bin/tame.exe/agcatalog/level4s.tam?xax=5191&amp;pagenumber%2Eptx=1&amp;M5COPY%2Ec tx=20904&amp;M5%2Ectx=3193&amp;M2%5FDESC%2Ectx=Survival%20 Books%2C%20Cards%2C%20Manua" target="_blank">http://www.actiongear.com/cgi-bin/tame.e...ards%2C%20Manua (http://www.actiongear.com/cgi-bin/tame.exe/agcatalog/level4s.tam?xax=5191&amp;pagenumber%2Eptx=1&amp;M5COPY%2Ec tx=20904&amp;M5%2Ectx=3193&amp;M2%5FDESC%2Ectx=Survival%20 Books%2C%20Cards%2C%20Manuals&amp;level3%2Ectx=results %2Etam&amp;query%2Ectx=ranger%20rick&amp;backto=%2Fagcatal og%2Fresults%2Etam) ls&amp;level3%2Ectx=results%2Etam&amp;query%2Ectx=ranger%2 0rick&amp;backto=%2Fagcatalog%2Fresults%2Etam</a>

Think there might be useful stuff for a backwoods hunter?

dan garcia
04-24-2005, 05:14 PM
A lot of good stuff, more suited for the gear made for military, which is usually heavier and cheaper quality than what a backwoods hunter may or may not use. Lots of good info and I think most of it can be found on the web now by doing a search in google or yahoo. Maybe you can peruse thr online stuff and try it out before you buy it.

04-25-2005, 06:16 AM
Dan, Thanks, good idea!

04-25-2005, 01:25 PM
Chris57 I have the complete set. I am willing to sell them if you are interested. It will save you a bit of money let me know. Mike K

04-25-2005, 02:46 PM

Thanks for the offer! Email sent.


04-25-2005, 05:34 PM
Ranger Rick has lots of interesting ideas, though mostly applied to modification of issue gear. I have the complete set and browse them from time to time, usually finding something of value.

Although primarily military in application, he has a lot of stuff equally applicable to civilian outdoor equipment.

04-30-2005, 02:39 PM
If you have been in the military more than a day, and/or have half a clue, you probably have already seen the 'good' ideas that Ranger Rick is repeating in his books.

Now if you are a cherry and/or couldn't buy a clue, then his books do have a few good, albeit fairly common, ideas intermixed with a lot of dumb ****. Quite a bit of the info is for a lazy joe to use. Any serious outdoorsman learned most of what is helpful before they graduated from high school.

imported_Scott Cunningham
04-30-2005, 07:35 PM
There are some decent ideas. I submitted a few myself and he included them. Others he ignored. I think the guy is off active duty now so the stuff may be a bit dated.

In any case, they are a good series of small books for guys who live this life. Little things mean a lot in the field. If you can make yourself more comfortable, or get some tools to function in various creative ways (and not have to lug other crap) it makes a difference.

05-09-2005, 09:04 PM
I've never seen the newer numbers #7 and #8. Can anyone tell me what they basically cover?

05-10-2005, 05:34 AM
VII- map &amp; compass stuff, specops mini pack,double hook sling uses, mre heater stuff, land nav, soda can lantern &amp; stove &amp; more.

VIII- coiled phone cord uses, ammo can uses, poncho repair, gps, canteen mods, canteen water heater, aid bag tips, ranger band uses &amp; more.

IX- survival vest, tent pole uses, multi-purpose handsaw, map templates, field expedient cooking, cargo sled.

As always there is a hodge-podge of stuff. I just flicked through the books and jotted down some items as I came to them.

I figure if I pay $5-10 for a book and get one useful idea or insight from it I have my money's worth. Two or more useful ideas and I'm making a profit.

Sure, some of this stuff is old, but these books are a neat little compendium of years of experience. Some of the comments above overlook that not everyone has been a field soldier for any length of time, and different branches have different views and requirements.

For instance, I served in the field artillery, mostly heavy artillery, so we were always mounted (you don't backpack tons of gun or ammo). I was also an officer, so I had space and transportation. Light infantry has neither, as a rule.

I think Rick's books are worth the price.

05-10-2005, 08:21 AM
Thanks Ralph. I completely agree with you analysis regarding the Ranger Rick books. Thanks again.