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01-30-2003, 06:10 AM
got a few question on the MMR.
first I think you realy got it this time. the perfict base line mil pack. this is the one to replace the Molle.
what is the volume of the lid it looks like it is about 3 " thick?
can the maurder be plave hight or low like on the EMR?
I take it that the frame comes out to use with the chair like onthe EMR?
also a sugestion for a pouch if yo dont mind
Rifle case(padded,sever dock in lock straps,)
4 types, rifle(rem 700, 50GMR, shotgun, M16 style)
your The Auxiliary Holster works well but does not protect the rifle at all, (this being a key)
I have a sewer here that can make one up for my needs using your lashing kit if that will not infringe on pattens or the like.(dont want ti go to jail you know)

01-30-2003, 11:47 AM

The top lid has a flat zippered pocket on the inside for maps, gloves, etc.. What looks to be about a 3" thickness, is actually a skirt wrapped around the lid. With the PALS webbing on the lid, you can configure it many different ways, depending on the type of pockets you have mounted.

Yes, the Marauder can be mounted high or low, same as on the EMR.

The frame is identical the EMR frame, except it is 2" shorter, and yes it can be removed also, to be used with the Cargo Chair.

I'll run your suggestion about a padded long gun case by Patrick when he gets back next week. As usual, so many good ideas, and just not enough time to do them all. Do keep the ideas coming though, as we keep them all on file for reference.