View Full Version : Using 8-Man Tipi at USFS/NPS Campgrounds

05-09-2005, 03:49 PM
Has anyone tried fitting one of these in "regular" campgrounds like the USFS or NPS has? I'm wondering if they would fit at all for use on family camping trips.

Trying to make the final decision between an 6 or 8 man. 6 would be fine for my hunting trips, but want to be able to fit the wife and two boys on family summer trips.

05-09-2005, 05:42 PM
I would think it would rather rare if an 8 man WOULDN'T fit easily in any of the camp sites issued by the Forest or Park Services. But I'm no expert on 'campgrounds'.

I've also been strugling in my mind between the 6 and 8 man for myself. But I'm only thinking of two men plus equipment!! For the two or three pounds extraw to have the luxury space, would seem like a good trade off. (I'm also looking at my upcoming Tipi purchase as an excellent natural/national disaster shelter option as well.)

So obviously I would think the you'd be happier in the long term with the 8 man. It's most likely your boys will grow up into full size 'campers' before your tipi wears out, so you might think of that as well.

That's only my two cents, but it has been my observation here on the forum that a number of guys have moved toward buying larger tipis but very few (if any I can remember) moving toward trading down to a smaller size.

Dave R.
05-09-2005, 06:33 PM

I have used my 4 man in NFS and NP campgrounds...the only draw back is that most of the campgrounds have finely ground stone or dirt to pitch your tent on. This gets to be a little messy...dust and grime every where...its much better on a natural forest floor. You should be able to get an 8 man to fit most campsites...remember you can go out of bounds of the pitch zone a little because you have no floor to deal with.

Also, be prepared to get approached by lots of folks wondering what you are camping in!! The TIPI's draw a lot of attention, especially if you have the stove going!!!


05-09-2005, 06:34 PM
I have used my 8-man at campgrounds and have had no problems but some sites are a little 'snug'. Hope you're social because your 'space capsule' will become a tourist attraction.

As far as size; so much depends on use. You really have to know what you'll be doing with the thing. If you're not getting a stove and will surely not be winter camping with the fam, and if your hunts out number your summer outings, then the weight savings of the 6-man might be nice, especially for the occasional solo trip.
If the summer outings find the tipi being used primarily as a sleep shelter then the four of you will probably be just fine, and certainly you, your hunt'in bud and gear, in the 6-man.

Otherwise, I'd go for the 8-man. It will be more comfy if some of those summer outings find the four of you sheltered from some storm. And you'll appreciate the extra floor space when one of you have to get up in the night to go potty because you are less likely to step on a co-sleeper.
And, of course, there is the additional space for gear.
Car-camp hunting usually means more of the comforts of home which translates into more needed shelter space to protect this stuff from the weather or to house full-sized lawn chairs, mattresses, etc.
If packing-in type hunts then you can split the weight of the 8-man and stove into something very doable, especially at typical pack-in-hunt distances.

Then there is the unforeseen, but likely, possibility that at least 3 of your family members will eventually find yourselves winter camping with the tipi/stove combo because of the joys that the tipi brings to those months of the year. In that case I would prefer the 8-man.

my 2cents.......

Kevin B
05-10-2005, 06:42 AM
The six man is not a 4 person tent, period. 4 can get in one, but if you are looking at family camping you'll be disappointed in the 6. I have the six as a 2 or maybe 3 man occassionally hunting set up. Later I'm going to do 12 or 16 for the big family camper. The 8 is the ticket for the family tons more room, more than one person can stand at a time and extra space for the associated "stuff" two young guys are going to have. The 8 will still not be huge but it'll let you put up in a fair number more places than the 12.