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04-30-2005, 06:36 PM
Hello everyone.

I was introduced to Kifaru's great shelters last fall on an elk hunt in Idaho. My partner bought a new 4 man with medium stove. He felt cramped but was thoroughly impressed with the stove. I however was blown away with the whole experience having camped in small, cold two man tents during spring and fall as a youth. So I've been lurking here and getting excited about doing more back country activities especially now that I've discovered Kifaru. In fact I bought a used 8 man off William Clunie and am hoping to get my wife equally exited so the whole family can enjoy the experience with me.

Last year in Idaho I discovered the difficulty in keeping your pack weight below 50lbs and still being equipped for 7-10 days of hunting. I've been learning alot here but am still overwhelmed with all the information available. Is there a recommended essay or thread for someone just starting out recommending the most recent gear that best equips one for fall and early winter scenarios especially a base camp brought in on two men's backs? I am not up to date on the newest clothing options and am having trouble figuring out a basic setup. Thanks for your help and a great system......Kenner

04-30-2005, 06:58 PM
Welcome, Kenner! I'm fairly new here, too. I've been outdoors my whole life, but never as a serious "rambler." Most of our hunting was from a well equipped base camp. I'll be watching your post with interest as I need to update my hunting wardrobe as well to clothing that is better suited to the Kifaru style of hunting and camping. Again, welcome.