View Full Version : SAK - Which implements do you REALLY use?

03-30-2005, 07:39 PM
The SAK (Swiss Army Knife). Everybodys got one, or like me - a bunch. I've got'em with busted handles, blades sharpened down to nuthin', hidin' in places long forgotten - you name it.

I have no use for the giant toolbox types, or the mini 'gentlemans' type. Somewhere in between seems right. The Camper, the Hunter, the Rucksack - which one is the best, and why?

To me, it comes down to which implements actually get used, and which never get used (like the corkscrew - all it does is collect dirt).

For me, I use the bottle opener, the can opener/screwdriver, the saw, the knife blade, the scissors and the phillips head in about that order of importance. And I'm not just talking in the woods here - I'm talking day in, day out use.

My absolute favorite is the Wenger Handyman (http://www.knifecenter.com/kc_new/store_detail.html?s=WR16933) .

The things I can't live without are the saw, the phillips head, the tweezers and, the bottle opener, and of course, the knife blade.

What about you guys. Anybody have their perfect model?

03-30-2005, 08:07 PM
Victorinox Workchamp (modified)

03-31-2005, 05:07 AM
I have three different Victorinox SAK's, the Champion (different than the current Champ and no longer made), the Hunter (based on reviews from this board), and the Classic (for lightweight backpacking). The tools I use most are the knife blade and scissors. After that come the saw, bottle openor, phillips screwdriver and the little tweezers.

03-31-2005, 05:47 AM
For thirty five years now: Victorinox Tinker. Don't leave home without it. In my pocket even at home!

03-31-2005, 07:27 AM
The corkscrew is a must have on any SAK + the neat mini screw driver should be put into each corkscrew. I have several but use the altimeter model while hiking.

03-31-2005, 04:15 PM
Besides the knife, I use the scissors, tweezers, and screwdrivers most. For camping, I also bring a Leatherman squirt (very compact) for the pliers. And since I'm getting older, I also find the corkscrew a must have--packing in a liter or two of red wine is a lot lighter than beer.

03-31-2005, 04:52 PM
For me it is the Farmer model, no use for the junk that just makes it bulky and awkard.
Any more I seem also to have to carry a leatherman, use those pliers alot.

Dave R.
03-31-2005, 06:32 PM
I carry my Victorinox hunter knife everywhere...not that it has the best assortment of tools for daily living, but it is a constant reminder of my core as a hunter. To do my job, I have to go into the belly of the beast where antis, thought policing liberals, and snotty vegans dwell. My Hunter knife in my pocket, with it's stamp of an ungulate, serves to lift my spirit and remind me of the things that are truly important in my life.


dan garcia
04-01-2005, 12:28 AM
That brought a tear to my and and made me stand up and salute all at once man! Well said!

04-01-2005, 06:43 AM
Dave- Well said...

04-01-2005, 07:01 AM
Maybe Dave's sentiments could be the impetus for a new model, The Victorinox Talisman-

04-01-2005, 12:40 PM
I dont *carry* a SAK anymore (keep on in my fiancees car emergency kit, last one I *carried* was a "Classic" for ultralight hikes, replaced it with a Spyderco Jester)... However I would carry a SAK if I could have the following all bundled together - with nothing else added in.

1)One hand opening Large Blade (locking)
2)Small Blade (non locking)
3)Springless Scissors
5)Bottle opener with larger screwdriver (just need the screwdriver, but the utility is great)
6)Can opener with small screwdriver (just need the screwdriver, but the utility is great) -OR-
Gut blade... either option is acceptable. Not both.
10)Single Red light LED flashlight handle scale (appreciable utility, no appreciable weight)
11)Clock/Alarm/Timer handle scale (can leave my watch at home - and still know the time without doing it Crocodile Dundee style)

It would all fit on one side (no corkscrew or other non-sense digging into the palm) and would be the same size as a SAK Voyager (3 1/4in) and no wider than the SAK Hunter.

04-01-2005, 12:49 PM

That combination makes sense. You should send that in to victorinox-maybe it would catch someone's eye there.

04-01-2005, 10:07 PM
Thanks Copper... makes sense to me too.

Though, Im wondering if the tweezer/pen/toothpick items might not work with the light and watch scales?

Yolla Bolly
04-24-2005, 06:15 PM
Not sure which of the Tinker models mine is---It's a Victorinox-has scissors (which I use more than any other implement) it is about 20 years old---lost it for a long time, bought a replacement--lost it. Did the same with the second replacement, then found the first one rolled up in a tent I drug out to give away---

04-25-2005, 05:13 AM
Yolla Bolly--

If it has scissors it can't be a Tinker. The Tinker has: long blade, short blade, wide screwdriver/bottle opener, narrow screwdriver/can opener, awl, Phillips screwdriver/wire stripper, tweezer, toothpick. Just enough stuff and no more.

04-25-2005, 05:27 AM

If the small screwdriver blade is like the half-philips on the Leatherman micra you have a winner.

04-25-2005, 01:12 PM
I forget the model designation but I like the one with the folding hot tub, drink carrier, and snack tray... /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

04-25-2005, 02:38 PM
I bet there is one implement you swiss army guys don't use...

The philips screwdriver!

I have carried one of these knives at one time or another, they sure look cool. But try to get at a screw with a T handle on that short shaft? You just can't fit in many places.

I know they're heavier but its the Leatherman for me and it all gets used daily.