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12-20-2002, 04:24 PM
Hey,I heard that Kifaru is coming out with a Camo
Tipis,Is this true? And if so what are we looking at price wise? Are you going to have a bench stock
or made as ordered.
What type of camo design are you planning on using? Thanks

12-21-2002, 09:54 AM

Yes, we are going to produce desert tan. There's been a holdup while we try to pin down the exact color of Coyote Brown, as we may do that instead if it's not too dark (which would make the tent too hot). So far we've seen two "shades" that were quite different! drtywk is sending what may be a third shade for our evaluation (bless him!). I hope Uncle Sam settles on a standard color!

So. Whether we produce desert tan or coyote brown the intent is to give our military customers a spot-on color option for todays combat realities. The cost SHOULD be the same as present white or yellow--unless there are some surprises, especially with that coyote. Ordering will be custom, and involve some modest delay. We simply have no idea as yet which tents to build ahead. Plus we always seem to be behind in production even with the white and yellow models. Five sizes, two colors (soon to be three), and two fabric choices keep us juggling. Thanks in advance for your forebearance if you order one; I wish we could stock everything "on the shelf" but we just haven't been able to get there yet.