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01-31-2005, 08:54 PM
I know some folks don't like hammocks, but the Clark is the most comfortable for me. I really liked the Kifaru stove idea, so I combined the two. I used $30 worth of rip stop nylon, and a bunch of 3/4" velcro to attach most of the sides to the hammock fly. The wife helped with all the sewing required, and I am very pleased how it turned out. I used a piece of oven liner(fiberglass cloth) for the stove patch and it seems to work very well (the small stove really heated it up!) The whole kit to enclose the hammock only weighs 2lbs, and the full enclosure should really help minimize the "cold back" from wind below the hammock. You could easily sleep 3 men , 4 in a pinch,(1 in hammock, two or 3 on floor), but it will be a better fit for 2 men w/ gear. I plan to test it in the Olympics this winter to check on the overall waterproofness. A fun project overall, the best of both worlds IMO. http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/users/41ff120azd3358df3/6aab/__sr_/45e6.jpg?phK0x_BBuPZ.Fyw_ http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/users/41ff120azd3358df3/6aab/__sr_/3195.jpg?phK0x_BBvypLPTW5

02-01-2005, 05:19 AM
This sounds perfect. I've been mulling this over in my head for about a year. I can't see the pics though. If you can't post them, could you e-mail them to me? Thanks, Ian


02-01-2005, 07:20 AM
Can anyone else see the photos? They are coming up for me. ??

Ed T
02-01-2005, 07:35 AM
No pic's here either. Would love to see them though.

Ed T

02-01-2005, 08:02 AM
See if this works. First time posting photos from my homepage and still working out the details.

http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/snaguida/detail?.dir=/6aab&.dnm=45e6.jpg&.src=ph http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/snaguida/detail?.dir=/6aab&.dnm=1de2.jpg&.src=ph http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/snaguida/detail?.dir=/6aab&.dnm=3195.jpg&.src=ph

02-01-2005, 08:06 AM
nope, lets try again. If this doesn't work, I'll do more posting research to see what I'm doing wrong. http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/users/41ff120azd3358df3/6aab/__tn_/3195.jpg?phAi7_BBc7FfEebm http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/users/41ff120azd3358df3/6aab/__tn_/1de2.jpg?phAi7_BByU4cmJPr http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/users/41ff120azd3358df3/6aab/__tn_/45e6.jpg?phAi7_BBSnlTK6HC

02-01-2005, 08:10 AM
They're showing now but they're kinda small. Hard to tell what you did.

12 Man
02-01-2005, 08:12 AM
Came through but small looks like a nice setup though.

02-01-2005, 08:29 AM
http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/users/41ff120azd3358df3/6aab/__sr_/45e6.jpg?phI.7_BBhmBlFyw_ http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/users/41ff120azd3358df3/6aab/__sr_/1de2.jpg?phI.7_BBsLRJ9pML http://us.f3.yahoofs.com/users/41ff120azd3358df3/6aab/__sr_/3195.jpg?phI.7_BB4FFbPTW5

02-01-2005, 08:42 AM
Spence, nice work! Looks pretty interesting.

Dale Lindsley
02-01-2005, 09:15 AM
I can't see anything except little red X's.

02-01-2005, 09:23 AM
No good on the pics.....Maybe just post a link to your home page......??

02-01-2005, 09:47 AM
try this link yahoo.com (http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/snaguida/album?.dir=/6aab)

beta male
02-01-2005, 02:59 PM
MIght I suggest that you enlarge the stove patch diameter, it looks kinda small from the pics, at least burn the stove as hot as you can get it in your back yard as a test, also check the windproofness so that the back side of the nylon doesn't touch the stove pipe when hot. I do admire your ingenuity, however.

02-01-2005, 05:22 PM
Spence, looks like I owe you a case of beer! (I think that was the prize offered when I first posted the hammock/stove challenge). Whaddya drink, Oly or Vitamin R ??
Looks like you've got a good prototype. The stove pipe looks like it has a pretty long unsupported length protruding above the tent's stove pipe socket - how is the pipe stability in wind, or with a strong hammock jostle?

02-01-2005, 07:04 PM
The pipe is a bit high in that picture, because I have a 8" bump of dirt in that spot of ground. It is supported by two guy lines to the pole grommets. I tested it with gusts of about 15 knots, and it all kind of flexed together, not much pipe sway, and no fabric even close to touching the pipe, the patch just slid up and down the pipe as necessary. Maybe I'll collect that beer if we every meet on the DZ.

02-01-2005, 09:06 PM
Personally, I'll take ol' terra firma and a sleeping pad, but the ingenuity on this site continues to amaze me.

Woods Walker
02-06-2005, 09:37 AM
That looks great. I have a HH hammock and sleep in it 80% of the time. People put down the hammock but once you try a good one going back to the ground is hard. Wow you put some time into this.

02-07-2005, 05:02 AM
Woodswalker, Spence and anyone else using a hammock; what are you using for a sleep system? Top cover, sleeping bag, pad, under insulation? Thanks, Ian

02-07-2005, 10:14 AM
As you know, one of the benefits of a hammock is not having to bring a 2lb +/- pad, so I do not. I fill the 6 underside pockets of the Clark with clothes, et al, to create that air barrier. That has worked well for me, but I haven't tried it in single digits, where I think you'll need the pad (or the enclosure I've rigged here). I use a MontBell #3 as my 30 deg and above trips, and an old slumberjack 0 deg bag (5+/- lbs, ugh) for everything else. I think one of the new 2-2.5lb 15 deg bags is needed for that niche. I am currently experimenting with the 9oz thermolite emergency bivy as an overbag or liner. I tested it as a liner at 33 deg, and got too hot. The Clark has the "weather shield" enclosure over the netting, so no other bag protection is required.

Woods Walker
02-09-2005, 08:54 PM

In my view a good Hammock is the most comfortable sleep a person can have for 3 season camping. I have only got down to about 10ís in my Hennessy Hammock and that is about it for me! But for the 3 seasons we have in the North East it is great. I find my Hammock to be more comfortable than my own bed. No sore back. No toss and turn in the night. I think some people that put down Hammocks just donít know how to use them or even give them a chance. Often gear that is first disliked is more appreciated with time. I like my Hammock because it is based on what I believe to be a Malaysian Hammock. This design is hung deeper so you can sleep with your head and feet more at an angle a bit across. This allows a person to lay flat and not in the shape of a banana. A person can also sleep on their side and never tip the hammock with almost any amount of flipping around. Like any gear there are pros and cons.

Hammock pros--

Super comfortable.

Ground does no matter. In the North East it is easier to find two trees than flat ground with out rocks. I set mine up over a small stream just because I could.

Fast set up/ take down.

You get a tarp shelter set up at the same time. So you can do everything that a tarp camper can do.

Often lighter than a tent.

100 percent water proof above and below (with the proper hammock) unless you get a 4-foot flood.

Cool in the summer.

Bug free if you get the proper hammock

Hammock consó

What makes it so cool in the summer sucks in the winter.

Getting in your sleeping bag is hard.

Zero room. Not a big deal to me. I am used to bivy sack shelters but still ZERO room.

Canít put a wood stove in it. Clearly outside yes inside noooooo!

Only one person can fit. Sorry girls!

So you see like any gear there is give and take. One other positive is that animals donít seem to recognize the hammock if hung high. I hang mine over 4 feet. Some times 5 feet up. With my hammock you get in the bottom so I can hang it nice and high. Makes the first floor (tarp shelter part) more enjoyable. I have seen deer walk right up to the hammock and not see me. Black bears in the Shenandoah nation park ether didnít see me or just didnít care as the walked right past me and tore into my friends cooler (told them to put the food in the bear box but nooooooo!) Dogs, They have no clue. They sniff but canít see you. Sometime for fun I make a noise and they look up and bark like crazy. Tons of fun!

Because my hammock does not have underside pockets like the Clark I carry a Zrest pad. However the company has a cold weather system that weights very little. They donít have it in model yet but soon will. The bag I carry is based on the weather and season. Sometimes a 30-degree bag sometimes a 10-degree bag sometimes just a blanket sometimes nothing at all. Once I took my Ė15 Kelty 750 down bag to see how the Hammock would fare in what they try to call (In CT) a blizzard. I think the people in Colorado would laugh at what we call a blizzard. Well it sucked. I wish I had a heated tipi for that trip! No over cover is needed for bag protection. With the tarp set up right and some sil-nylon on the ropes (to prevent the water from running down the ropes) I have never gotten wet in the thing. Condensation is a non-issue as the bug mesh acts like a liner. However I would get the bigger hex fly for the hammock. Both Clark and Hennessy have one. I think the Hennessy now offers it as a free replacement for the sil-nylon one. It will add about one pound to the shelter but sitting under that big tarp and cooking is great way ride out those stormy days. Just like tarp camping but with a second floor!