View Full Version : patrick.."custom work?"

01-24-2005, 05:32 PM
hello patrick.
i am soon going to be ordering my tipi,which one i dont know yet, but was curious if you guys could do some custom work on it when i order it? i was wondering if it be possibe to add some extra paraglider material over the zipper, to kind of act as a rain barrier,i was thinking 0f about like a 1" mabe 2" flap atached to one side of the door but on both doors, i know some people dont mind the rain dripping through the zippers but what if im the unlucky guy sleepin by the door
in a down poor :rolleyes:


01-24-2005, 08:34 PM

The thing about a vertical zipper flap is that it STILL will leak. Best thing is to sleep not crosswise to the zipper. Easy to do. We use waterproof zipper tape, BTW. The teeth can still percolate a little water. Again, don't lay your bag crosswise beneath the zipper. No problem, and no custom work needed. Capish?