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Hog Hunter
06-30-2006, 10:59 AM
I'm in love. I have funky 9 1/2 EEEE feet, exacerbated by an injury stemming from our horse deciding to slip, while going full gallop, and rolling over my foot and ankle, thereby crushing the same.

As a consequence, life with shoes has never been the same. Thank goodness for New Balance shoes in 4 EEEE width; they permit me to pusue my running endeavors.

My cycling shoe is a custom carbon fiber shoe which was hand made and based on a casting of my foot.

I own 3 pairs of Russell custom boots and have most recently used my Grand Slam Sheep Hunters on an Elk hunt without any significant problems, save and except for them getting pretty saturated with moisture while hunting in snow; and, for me, they are not as stiff as I would like them to be while sidehilling. Having said that I intend on getting a pair of their safari boots next year. (They fit like a glove.)

When I have to wear business attire, I wear traditional Allen Edmonds, but can't wait to take them off. I've recently discovered ECCO dress shoes and they are pretty comfy.

My point to all of this is that, notwithstanding my "Cro Magnon" feet (Characterized as such by my physician), I decided to venture out and see if I could find a stiffer hunting boot without going to a Van$$$$$Gorkom.

Based on info derived from this site, I, with some trepidation, ordered the Lowa Tibets in a 10 wide from Shnee's. Shnee's suggest ordering the next size up as they are a little snug.

I am in love with this boot. A perfect fit assisted by adjusting the lacing tension. It is much stiffer than the Russell's, have a great Vibram sole and are pleasing to the eye. I added a heat to fit footbed for added support, though it really doesn't need it.

Take heart those of you with funky feet, there is hope and relief in these german crafted boots.

07-01-2006, 11:52 AM
Hog Hunter, congrats on the fit and amen on the Lowas. The scurge of mountain hunting is feet under duress.

Frankly, I'm surprised you found relief in the Lowas, which are noted for narrow fit at least in some models. My Banffs are slightly narrow, for example, and many reviewers have reported the same.

Anyone interested the Lowas should check out wwwshoebuy.com. They carry 109 Lowa products and offer tax-free prices and free shipping BOTH ways (receiving and returns). Nice service also. I bought the all leather Banffs (the Gore-texless analog to the Tibets) and I have been pleased by performance, especially with superfeet insoles, and price ($195). Boots of this quality don't often come for less than 2 bills. And, I can get along without Gore-tex the way I can cope without foot gangrene or Sundles a wolfless Idaho.

07-03-2006, 08:09 PM
Hog Hunter,
We met in the Old Kifaru shop on or about Sept. 3 04 when I stopped in to pick up new Late Season on my way to elk camp. It was my first meet with Patrick and I think yours, also.

Anyway, it seems we are twin brothers from different mothers. I have had toe surgery ( big joint, big toe ), achilles tendon rupture and plantar facitis , ALL on my left foot.

My wife bought me a pair of Lowa Tibets for our 35th anniversary a couple of weeks ago ( after some coaching from me ) and I wore them for the first time yesterday as my son and I hiked and put up three tree stands all in various stages of rain. The boots felt great as we were actually in some hills ( hard to find in central Indiana )
My feet stayed dry and took the hills great. I can only imagine they will be a welcome feel when we make our annual trip to the Rockies for archery elk. I, too, have trouble finding shoes and boots to accomodate my over sized left foot and still not too large for my normal right foot. The Lowas passed the first test anyway.

Have a great 4th. and a successful Fall huntng season.

Hog Hunter
07-13-2006, 11:22 AM

Sorry for my tardy reply. I've just returned from a sucessful Alaskan salmon and halibut trip up in Juneau. (Crossed paths with Jim Zumbo up at the airport...no, I don't know him, but watch him early Sunday morning before the rest of the family wakes up.)

Okanogan: I, too, was surprised by the Lowa fit, but am ever so pleased that they do fit. I'm still breaking them in and am planning a 8-10 mile hike this weekend and will have more to report then.

Rnd3789. I remember meeting you and I think your son and nephew as well. I also seem to recall you were involved in a foundation getting kids active in archery. If my recollection is correct and you would like a donation of two hoyt bows (70 & 80 lbs, 28" draw in excellent condition)let me know. I'll be happy to send them to you. Lowa Tibets from your wife? Sounds like a keeper. Congratulations on the 35th.

I was lucky and drew a California X zone this year.(Mule deer) Will use my rifle for that, but will use my new Matthews Switchback XT for our Zone A blacktail. May also try to do a Kodiak Island Sitka blacktail in the fall with my bow.

Good hunting to you all.


07-17-2006, 09:37 PM
Thank you for the offer of the bows. However, the organization I am on the Board of Directors for is Compton Traditional Bowhunters and we use traditional archery exclusivly. My son shoots a compound and I have nothing against them myself however all the equipment we donate is traditional. Thanks again for the offer.

Congrats on the draw and I hope you get to Kodiak. It is certainly on my wish list.

Have a great summer,

Hog Hunter
07-18-2006, 09:17 AM
Hi Nick,

I went to the range this past weekend and Mel, my buddy who introduced me to traditional archery, saw me shooting my new compound bow and called it an abomination and something best suited as an anchor on the bottom of a river. He may have something there...I spent hours adjusting the new sight, the peep, the drop away rest and was longing for the simplicity of my longbow.

Mel has taken a considerable amount of African plains game with his longbow and last year scored on two California Blacktail. Did I mention that Mel is almost 80 years old. Last week he capsized a canoe floating down the Klamath river on a recon mission for the upcoming California deer season. Quite a guy.