View Full Version : Opening day of Mass shotgun

11-28-2005, 12:40 AM
Dad and I will be hunting this morning for the opener of the Mass Shotgun season. The plan is to get to our stands early and sit and wait. We communicate with one another with two way radios. We'll "click" each other on the half hour. Two clicks, all is OK. Three, we will talk.

The other thing is that I need to take my cell phone. "I will be in late. My battery died and I need to put in another one>"

I know that on this board, there are many hunters who know of the importance of the opening day of firearms season for deer. Here in the East coast, the pressure is great in some areas and the best chance of getting a deer is on the opening day.

I remember reading a statistic where in the Keystone State( Pennsylvania) half the deer kill is on opening day and a large percentage of that is before 10 AM.

I remember as a teenager going to a deer seminar by the state. They had some interesting stats. One of which is that on opening day, 32 % of the deer kill was taken then. Then the next day was something like 12 %. Then it went downhill after that.

A good point is where Dad and I hunt in Connecticut. We hunted the first two days and each got a deer. After than we saw nothing. So opening day is very important here in New England. It seems after the first day or two, it really goes down hill.