View Full Version : MMR/Pouches or LH Guide?

10-11-2005, 04:01 AM
I'm evaluating the choice between the 4200cu MMR and the 7500cu LH Guide. I need to pack in a camp and haul out an elk. I won't be using either for a day pack. Seems like the MMR could take pouches as needed and get me close to the Guide capacity if I need it. On the other hand, the Guide will compress down. I like the idea of a good system to "tie" stuff on, but that's not doubt a legacy need from my old packs. Any one with experience that can help me out?

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10-11-2005, 07:05 AM
I think the LHG would probably be a better choice given the information you stated. If you are just packing into camp, it shouldn’t matter if you have pockets or not. The LH is just one large compartment that you can either fill or not fill. Also, the MMR is probably heavier, especially with pockets added. So you're really not gaining anything there. So unless you need a military style pack for some reason, the LH will do everything you need. In addition, you can still add long pockets, cell phone pockets, hand warmer pocket, and a back pouch if need be. My 2 cents.

Rusty Hook
10-11-2005, 07:37 AM
I agree with Ksnake on the utility of the LH. I also use the LH Guide. You are right about it compressing down quite small. I use mine as a hunting day pack after packing in to a base camp and find it outstanding. I put everything I can I need for day hunting in the top pouch. I have pouches on the hipbelt for my headlamp and a distance light, extra cartridges, knife, stone,fire starter bar, and my car keys. That way I don't have to be constantly sorting and repacking gear for the next days hunt if I move camp, and I have anything I may need readily at hand packing in or day hunting.

The CargoChair is conected to the frame for maximum compression and quietness on day hunts. You have your water supply right with you and you are all set to pack out the game if you get something. There is no need to carry a smaller pack for day hunting. Its a very efficient and effective system to use all the way around. About the only things I put in the big compartment for day hunts would be a bivy sack and some supplemential insulative clothing and that compresses down quite small.

Your system and techniques may vary but you will quickly work out a personal system that will work equally well or better for you, irreguardless of which pack you choose. In the places that I hunt, I like a smooth exterior on my packs, less to catch on things and get hung up. Also, it is my opinnion that these packs carry much better with out a lot of exterrior things hung on the outside of them. Your milage may vary. A lot of people like having lots of pockets to organize their things in. I use different colored stuff sacks to do the same thing. That way I know what is in each sack with out having to look, and everything is kept together and protected whether it is in or out of the pack, in any kind of weather...Rusty.