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09-11-2005, 06:09 PM
I'm pooped. Off work early Fri. to return some rental tools and just kept goin'. But not back to the job, first stop home, to gear-up and then the drive up to my old haunts in N.W. Co. Arrived after dark on roads muddy from afternoon rains. Planned on a fast and mobile excursion, so was just going to sleep in the open truck bed. 'Bout 3 in the a.m., the skies opened up to a torrential type downfall, the likes of which aren't common unless I am out and about.Spent the remainder soggy and awake in the cab of the dakota. Shooting lite found me snugged under a cedar, coyote call to the ready. This setup has NEVER failed to produce. First time for everything, tho....Nada, at the next 4 stands,too.(all proven producers). So much for the coyutes in Axial Basin, now onto the prairie dog fields south of Massadona. Too wet, with chains at home, to fight the greasy caliche mud, so I had to settle for the more spotty targets back towards Elk Sprgs. Run a little over 200 rds. thru the .204,.17hmr,.260 kimber and 7/08. Vmaxes and blitzkings in the tinies. Vmaxes and tsx's outta the 260,95 grainers give great lift&scatter,tsx's just make 'em fall over, either in 260 or 7/08,not much fun in that....Next stop, Browns Park, to try my luck for a big brown trout in my honey hole below the swingin' bridge. Again, no luck....(altho I couldn't find good bait,they love mormon crickets). I wanted to look for arrowheads, so the next stop was upper Irish canyon.Again nuthin....But wait! its only 6:30. a whole hour till dark. Lets head for the elk spot in Slater Park, half a state away. Went thru Hiawatha and Powder wash and stopped in Baggs,Wyo for gas and up from there. Arrived before ten, with intentions of bein' on my lookout point at lite. Overslept till 6:30. Blew it,big time. So I resorted to a late breakfast and visited with a couple of blunderbuss boys and bow dudes, and determined that ample elk would be found when my rifle season starts. Hit the trail home and arrived in time for my kids second game of a fall ball double header.......Tooo Funnnn. Gotta get out more so I can do justice for all.Don

09-11-2005, 06:29 PM
I'm tired just reading your post! No rest for the wicked, huh? /images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif