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05-03-2015, 06:46 PM
Found in yet another box.

Nicholson (old but unused) 10" shoe rasp. Half-round and flat double-cut/rasp combination. I probably bought this in the '70s as a spare that was never needed.
$15 shipped, SOLD

Veneer knife marked Gusstahl, Solingen. Comfortable beechwood handle, thin (1/16") blade. I never did much with veneers so I doubt this was ever used.
$20 shipped, PayPal preferred.

Swedish? Crooked knife, beechwood handle. Sharp but needs honing. You can cut on the backstroke, too.
$25 shipped, SOLD

Peg Reamer. I made a few dulcimers years ago and used this to ream tuning peg holes for standard violin pegs. Unmarked but sharp. Works very nicely for the starting luthier.
$25 shipped, PayPal preferred.