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Jon S
05-19-2014, 07:59 PM
Saturday evening at the Rendezvous, many Kifaru friends joined together on the firing line of the Bill Krenz Memorial Range here in Colorado to pay tribute to a lost loved one. Many have seen Henry Bussinger grow from a small boy into a wood splitting young man here at the Rendezvous. We fired a volley of shots to commemorate his life and remind him how much we miss him from our family.
Each piece of brass and each arrow that were fired that evening were collected and will be sent to Dan and Lisa as our humble offering of friendship and respect.
Many of the Kifaru rendezvous regulars were not able to make it this year. If you are one of those that wants to pay tribute to Henry and his family, please observe a moment of silence, send great thoughts Henry's way, and fire a round of respect for a lost brother.
Upon firing, retrieve the brass and send to Kifaru with a note that says it is for Henry and it will be delivered.
Here is a video of the tribute:

The speech Patrick delivered is dictated below:

We are here at the firing line at the 2014 Kifaru Rendezvous. This is officially the Bill Krenz memorial location. Bill left us a couple of years ago at the age of 58. He was a veteran rendezvouser and we have lost another veteran. Henry Bussinger, whom we lost at the age of 15 about 6 weeks ago, has left us. We all watched him grow up at these rendezvous. Hes’ survived by Dan and Lisa, Mother and Dad, Isaac and Garrett, brothers. So Henry, listen up! We have a target that we placed this year at 711 yards away from the firing line here. I like that and I hope you do too. Henceforth, the 711 yard Kifaru rendezvous target shall be the Henry Bussinger Target. What do you think guys? (agreement from the crowd, Hear Hear )

So Let it be done!!

We’re going to observe a moment of silence now while we spread out for a volley in honor of Henry. When we get lined out, I will call Ready, Aim, Fire and we’ll fire a volley salute to Henry Bussinger

Our videographer is Big Jon Seim, I believe he’s going to be in the line up also. I hope this worked Dan and Lisa, Isaac and Garrett. God Bless You All.

Let’s spread out and do it.

Silent Prayer

Hats off

Port arms


Fire!! (volley of shots)


We miss you Henry

God Bless you Henry

05-19-2014, 09:00 PM
That made my eyes leak. Well done gents!

05-20-2014, 12:43 PM
Young Henry was well on his way to being a Man, with a capital M. Raised by Dan and Lisa, he showed that he knew the value of teamwork and of helping his fellow man, as he was Patrick's fire tender and wood splitter over many years. And he knew of responsibility, having been taught on a farm, and of how to handle a firearm. A fine young man from a family of fine young men. I have shared a few hunting camps with Dan, and although I do not know Lisa, I know her sons, and know what an amazing woman and mother she must be, as they have raised three outstanding young men. The world is a lesser place without Henry.

Scoutin' Wyo
05-28-2014, 06:58 AM
Ethan and I could not make the trip due to baseball game schedules. We played in honor of Henry that night and said a silent prayer while we played one of his favorite games. God bless Dan, Lisa, Isaac, & Garret!