View Full Version : Anyone heard of Kiteluxe

10-22-2013, 02:27 PM
I found this while looking for something to treat my 4man tipi with. This is used on paragliders and Kites to restore its water repellancy and UV protection. Its made in Spain and it gives your Material you apply it to that new sheen again. Here is the details:

Technical details

Kiteluxe is a polymer emulsion ,modified with polyester, which contains between other agents (which bring it flexibility, stability, gloss, anti-fungal properties, etc.) an adhesion promoter and which is reinforced with oxide of zinc nano particles based UV filter. It contains no products derived from petroleum. The Kiteluxe composition is identical to the original impregnation of the new ripstop fabric.

The benefits:

- The product fills all pores and creates a thin protective film on the surface of the fabric.
- The film is water resistant, it makes the fabric waterproof. When the kite hits the water it does not soak up water, so it dries much faster.
- The kite flight is more stable, with less flutter.
- Protects the fabric from UV rays.
- Protects the fabric from the damaging impact of sand.
- The colors are renewed.
- Protects the fabric from funguses.
- The product is flexible...does not crack and makes the fabric shine like new.
- No peeling over time.
- It is not sticky; dust and sand will not stick to the fabric like it did before.
- It adds almost no extra weight to the kite.
- It is odorless and non-flammable. There is no skin irritation.
- It applies easily with a sprayer and a brush.
- It is respects the natural environment.
- It comes in a 1 liter container, which is enough to impregnate any kite on both sides.

Wondering if this would be good to use on my Tipi since having to really scrub it down I want that new shine back in it. Thinking this would do the trick. Anyone have any experience with this?