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10-07-2013, 12:03 PM
So with all the posts about coming up with feedback from customers about Kifaru Packs. And looking at the 2014 models. Id like to include this into the discussion.

This last year Ive fought every mile with my Kifaru T2 because of the design of the belt. Now This maybe a strange post and I know me and Aron have talked quit a bit about my issue with Keeping a Belt above my waist. I cant be the only guy out there with this issue. First off no rear end Shelf, So the pack Slides over my back side no matter how tight I have it. Secondly Im not going to beat around the bush about it Im a bit overweight. I have some Love handles With that said where the pack belt falls on my waist is my hip bone but since I have no Rear End Shelf and the handles I have yet to get a Kifaru Belt that stays in place on my waist.
Id like to see a more fat compressing Belt that has the ability to ride a bit hire on guys of my stature. Now I know some folks would be like Just go hike your bumm off and youll loose that. Well I consider myself in somewhat decent shape and Ive always been a bigger guy. I put in as much time as I possibly can to try and balance my Back Country with my work/home life. With that said I think I do pretty good for 43 years old. Yes I could be in better shape but with 2 teenagers and a full plate with work, I struggle to find the time to get out there and just put in a good workout consistently.

But this post isnt about me changing my physical attributes Id like to offer my assistance to Kifaru and be a test dummy as the guy who struggles to keep a pack up on his waist. Im local in Littleton and can definitely play the fat tester guy. =-)

I know the current belts in production Im sure work great for better then 80% of the users out there. So if it doesnt seem cost effective to offer a new solution for this type of a senario then I totally understand. You still got a customer for life here but I may have to see about doing my own design of a belt that will keep the pack where it needs to be for me.

I even have a great name for this new Fat guy Belt.... The Fat cruncher =)

10-07-2013, 01:29 PM
Well, as a fellow "Cylindrical American" I feel your pain...:) Have you tried bending the stays so that the lumbar pad pivots into the small of your back with a bit more force? Short of that, while it seems counterintuitive, you might try completely backing off both the delta straps so that the belt "cups" whatever padding is underneath.

10-07-2013, 02:29 PM
Ive dialed in the Timberline 2 to a T. Watched all the vids Delta straps where so loose they didnt have a function =-). The one thing that i hadnt done was the Stays. Now that I have an MMR coming in thats what I am hoping to be able to do since it has aluminum stays is to bend them into my lower back more. The Timberline 2 I had, had the Composite and even Aron switching those out to Flat back Stays gravity still took the pack down. So the MMR comes in tomorrow I will test that out throw some loads on it and see if I can get that to keep above my waist.

10-07-2013, 04:31 PM
Best of luck--lots of info on bending stays if you do a search on the board...I even seem to remember someone making a jig to really fine-tune the curve in very short increments.

10-07-2013, 05:41 PM
your belt high enough? love handle or not, that is where your hlp bones are. how about lowering the shoulder straps just a touch to let them pick up the tiniest bit of "more load"? <-----man, that sentence SUCKED!

let me take a crack at it again. try adjusting the shoulder straps so they see a tiny bit more load. that way they act like suspenders. worth a try, before you replace the belt webbing wtih ratchet-straps :D

10-07-2013, 06:44 PM
haha boom nice thanks.

10-07-2013, 07:11 PM
Try lowering the angle of the lifter straps as well as dropping the shoulder straps a bit.
You know where the lumbar pad should sit so put the pack on and get the belt and deltas properly adjusted without any tension on the lifters or shoulder straps. You should then be able to see if you need to bend the stays any and where to start with the shoulder & lifter straps.

With so many adjustments and aluminum stays, you should be able to dial it in. Trace the original bend of the stays so you know your starting point then have at it.

I've always liked the relatively narrowness on the Omni belts. They seem to stay put better than the wider wrap-tech belts. Maybe a slim version of wrap-tech could help those of us who's clothing seems to shrink, for no apparent reason, just from hanging in the closet.